Which B-Lister Actor Only Dates Virgins? [Blind Items]

Lets call our guy a celebrity. Probably a B+ lister on the celebrity scale with A list name recognition. You see him all the time. Constantly. He has been in the public eye for a while now, but back in the day when he was first getting started it was a whole lot easier for him to stay undercover.

He used to and still does have women throwing themselves at him. His first experience with groupies came when he was still thinking of being an actor. He had sex with some teen who said she was a virgin and from then on our celebrity was hooked.

From that point on he would only date women who were virgins. If you were not, then he was not interested in you. One time he went on a date with some 17 year old who told him that she was. He took her to Reno. She confessed she was not a virgin and he left her on the side of the road next to a bar in Reno where they had been and she had to make her own way back to LA. 

As the years have gone by and his wallet bigger, our celebrity has found it more difficult to find virgins who won’t spill so he has a connection with an organization in Latin America and he pays for virgins. He pays well. He pays for teens who are 16. That is his favorite. One time when he attempted to go straight and have a regular relationship, his significant other found out about his kink and left the second she found out. The funny thing is the celebrity does fund raisers for charities for human rights organizations and here he is, one of the people he is vowing to stop. He is one person on the outside and this sick, perverted guy at home. (via Crazy Days And Nights)

This is not about Wilmer Valderrama.

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