Which Award Winning Actor Might Burst Out Of The Closet? [Blind Items]

This very talented actor has been nominated for one major award and won another major award. He has been debating about coming out of the closet for a long time now. That time has finally arrived. We hope he doesn’t pay a price for his honesty.

The timing will coincide with his starring in a new project this fall. We expect that his coming out might upset some in a certain religious community. No, our actor isn’t really a holy roller. He just knows how to pretend to be one. Come to think of it, so does his boyfriend. And his new costar. (via Blind Gossip)

We’ve got one more blind item for you!

Before getting married, this B list celebrity married to a C list actress had a wild bachelor party. Apparently it’s coming back to haunt him as one of the entertainers from the party is trying to shop out pictures of the actor at the party. The entertainer is a man. (via Buzz Foto)

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