Which Actress Was Passed Around Like Candy? [Blind Item]

It was not that long ago that this A- list actress nominee/winner of the biggest award was just starting out in movies. There she was in one of her first movies and she owed it all to the guy she had known for awhile. He has touched A list himself and at the time was set to become a star but told his friend he could get her on his new movie but that she was going to have to have s*x with him. No problem. She liked him anyway and they had fooled around before so s*x was not an issue.

He then got her invited to the set where she met some of the other actors and actresses. She was having a great time and then our A list actor told her that the director liked her and wanted to put her in the movie, but that he had just broken up with his girlfriend and maybe our A list actress would have s*x with the director too. A little more hesitant, but she did. The next thing you know she also had sex with one of the producers who said that he was working on a movie after this one wrapped and he would make her a lead. But, before he could make her a lead, he wanted to know he could count on her so he ended up having s*x with her and then the next day she heard him saying the same thing to another actress on the movie who would later become a solid B lister with a very unique voice and they went into a trailer to have s*x but emerged a short time later and the producer yelled to our A list actress that she got the part. 

Well, she got the part subject to her having sex with everyone on the first movie that the producer though it would be fun to see her with. The resident drug addicted actor? He thought it was hilarious to have her have s*x with that guy. He passed her around like candy and kept passing her around like candy, but he did give her the role he promised her.

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During the shooting of that movie the producer tried to play the same game with her, but she was already getting buzz nationwide from something else and she was immune. Not so for this other actress in the movie who was also brought on board by the A list actor from the first movie under a similar situation. Who knew he was such a pimp? Anyway, that actress lasted about a week being passed around and then overd*sed. Some say su*cide, some say accidental. What everyone agrees is that she had never used dr*gs before that week and being passed around like candy.

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