Which Actress Made A Fortune Blackmailing Actors?

It is amazing to me to see how this B- list always movie actress is trying to change her image. She thinks that one thing she has going on in life will change the way the public perceives her and suddenly make them like her. They probably won’t and if they knew what else she did, she would rush into hiding for the rest of her life.

This actress has never been known for being respectful of others or their relationships. She has no qualms about doing what she wants, when she wants it and in her mind she always comes first. She has destroyed several marriages and made way more money blackmailing the men in her life then she ever has from any films in which she has appeared. Our actress sucks in the actors by being available and doing exactly what their significant others will not do. 

Her first and probably still biggest conquest was with this A/B list always movie actor. She destroyed his marriage and then tried to destroy his career. See, everyone thinks later that he was the bad guy which he was when he cheated, but then she made it seem like he cheated on her too so people would start to like her. Sh found a woman who agreed to have sex with the actor and our Blackmailer filmed it. Several times. She told the actor she wanted $1M or she would release the tapes. He paid, so she did not release the tapes. What she did do though was tell the world he cheated on her to get public opinion on her side. It did not work.

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Later, our blackmailer found an actor who fit her criteria perfectly. Married, wealthy and had children. Children were always her lever. Whether she was blackmailing a politician or a designer to show her clothes, she loves married men with children. They are the most vulnerable and the usually the most willing to go after her when she turns on the charm. The fact she is willing to do anything anywhere with the guys including offering up same sex people close to her and you realize she will stop at nothing. With the rich actor she thought it was going great and that she was going to get her happy marriage. Turns out though the actor had second thoughts. What he had not counted on was our actress having tapes of them together doing things the public would be aghast at and his wife would never forgive. She was being hard enough to deal with as it is. To see videos of him with our actress tied up and being whipped would be too much. The fact the actress had brought someone along who was also naked would have made things 100 times worse. $10M later and our actress pretty much gives up acting and everything else. Her total haul over a ten year period of blackmailing was about $20M which was enough to finance a company, keep her in luxury and now let her pretty much retire and do nothing. (via Crazy Days and Nights)

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