Which Actress Freezes Every Time She Sees A Certain Actor? [Blind Item]

On this show, everyone at first was really united and became kind of like family and it was at this time that one of the co-stars and now an A list television actress who has pretty much given up on ever doing a movie again. She confided that she had been s*xually assa*lted and her virginity taken by an actor after an acting class one night. The actor, who is now a B lister with a new show of his own and not the greatest reputation took some time after that before he became famous and did get beat up by two of the actors from the victim’s show. One of the actors was an A list actor on one of the more fan fanatic shows of all time.

Anyway, this actress started dating a celebrity and she told him she was a virgin and then confided in him the story about being s*xually assa*lted and at first he was ok about it, but then decided he could not deal with her constant emotional issues and the constant presence of family members so started cheating on her and they split.

Her relationships ever since this episode have been one disaster after another because she does not trust and she always ends up doing what she thinks she is supposed to be doing rather than just following her heart. She refuses therapy because she does not want her secret to get out. A few months ago she walked down the red carpet and saw her attacker and froze in place for a good two minutes before leaving and then not being seen in public for a week. She is very careful to never go to anything where he might show up. It is why she usually stays in or stays close to home.

(via Crazy Days and Nights)

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