Which Actor Made His Co-Star VERY Uncomfortable? [Blind Items]

Lots of stars currently filming this weird movie. We’ll focus on two of them. She is a young – but very experienced – actress. He is at least ten years older than her, and is starring in several films this year.

They are doing a scene together. He enters the scene wearing nothing but a thong that barely covers his private parts. It is not a bedroom scene. She stops filming, pulls her publicist aside, and talks about how uncomfortable she is with the way he is dressed and the fact that he has been drinking and smoking weed and acting like an unprofessional jerk all day.

Production shuts down for a while the two go for a little walk. The publicist manages to talk her down, they come back to the set, and production resumes. After filming for only a couple of minutes, she starts freaking out again. Why? 

Because, seeing how uncomfortable she was, he decided to push it even more. He began doing an obscene break dance right in front of her… starring him and his thrusting crotch.

She walked off the set, vowing never to work with him again. (via Blind Gossip)

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