Which Actor Has A Little ‘Sniffing’ Problem? [Blind Items]

This actor has been in more than one big movie and received at least one major awards nomination in the past couple of years. While his professional life is on track with big roles and big awards, his personal life is not faring as well.

At a restaurant in Los Angeles last month with a group of hipster friends (all male), he suddenly excused himself and ran to the bathroom at the back of the restaurant. He pushed past a line of people into the small restroom, and had a large man block the doorway to keep other guests from entering. The man simply stated, “He’s going to be in there awhile.”

The line of people politely smiled at each other, thinking that the star had suddenly gotten sick to his stomach. The smiles turned to annoyance when they heard long, loud sniffing noises through the door. The marching powder session went on for an impossibly long time. When finished, he darted out the door without a word to the people waiting on line, gathered up his hipster posse, and beat a hasty exit for the door. 

Sadly, this powder room behavior has become a very regular occurrence for the actor, and if he doesn’t get help soon, he is certainly heading for trouble. (via Blind Gossip)

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