Which A-List Actor Is Going International For His Next Face Makeover?

After several years of steady plastic surgery, this A list actor’s face is starting to show signs of deterioration. The doctors have told the celeb that this is due to too much surgery, but the actor is determined to believe that his age is causing the problems.

He recently found a very wealthy doctor in a foreign country that is willing to do any work the actor wants. He was his next surgery scheduled next month. (via BuzzFoto)

We’ve got one more blind item for you.

This Young Money rapper has kept his asset endowed exotic lady friend as a constant companion since they first linked up, but word on the street is her stomach will soon be bigger than that bubble butt and there’s no dancing around the situation any more. The moral of the story may be don’t get too “Faded” when fawking your girl cuz when it comes to keeping the kid “She Will.” Sorry we can’t give you the answer right now, but you’ll know soon enough. (via Bossip)

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