Where’s Suri?

May 16th, 2006 // 34 Comments

You gotta love the Hollywood nanny. I’m assuming that’s where Suri is, or are the Scientologists still back in the lab putting on the finishing touches? What is up with all the public appearances though as of late? I guess Tom is still feeling the need to pump up his box office receipts. You know what would really do the trick Tom? Let the world see little Suri. Pretty please.

Many more photos of Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise taking in a game, after the jump.

If you’re up for a challenge, how about a game of Escape From Scientology Land.

(Images via KatieHolmes.com)

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. ken

    Who thinks ‘Suri’ really exists? Its all a grand PR scheme..

  2. L&LMommy

    Isn’t she breast feeding? How can she be away from Suri that much! I wonder when the baby blues will kick in.

  3. Jazz

    isn’t it about time for Tom to disappear up his own arse for a while. Its like he’s cloned himself, he’s everywhere. Please Tom, a little breather from your manic shit eating grin would be so sweet

  4. Mariah

    All I can say is why do you think “normal” mother’s get a 3-month maternity leave from work??? It’s because a newborn baby is DEMANDING!! and even more so if you are nursing… My youngest son is 8.5 months old now, but I can tell you that when he was newly born- he did not leave my side!! Even now I can’t bear to be separated from him and if I am going out— he comes with!

    I can’t imagine any mother wanting to be away from their less than one-month-old baby for any length of time— I really wish that she would “get it together” and stand up to this psycho who is not only controlling her life but ruining it as well!!

    I feel bad for baby Suri— you

  5. Mr. T

    The baby was born in February, she faked it until April. If they bring the baby out in public now, everyone will know that it is NOT a month old. Because infants grow and develop at such different and varied rates (e.g., a 6-month old can be bigger than an 8-month old) if they wait a few months it will get to the point where you couldn’t tell if the baby was six months or eight months. That’s when she’ll be fed to the press.
    But I agree, what kind of mom leaves her baby like this?
    Tom is so over, he just doesn’t know it.

  6. RunawayPoster

    I wonder if she’s secretly taking antidepressants already! Still not sure if there is a Suri.

    Please, Katie, RUN FAST from this lunatic!

  7. maryanne29

    They more they try to prove they are a couple, the angrier I get that he thinks we are all that stupid.

  8. tia

    *Caution i’am making a comment. If you dont like me please proceed to the next poster*

    I think Suri is real. There are some actors like Christian Bale who hide their children from the public. No one even knows the name of Christian Bales child. I was dissappointed that Tom didn’t show any pictures of Suri on Ellen. Ellen had pictures of a few babies and she told Tom to pick which one looked like Suri. So he picked one of them and then colored in some hair. I have to admit that made me mad but hey what can I say.

    MI:3 was GREAT LOL !!! and NYC AGREE’S !!!

    Go TC !!

  9. Hekki

    I totally agree with Mariah. I still have trouble leaving my second baby. I don’t think I left my first with anyone until she was 4 months at least and then only with family. I can only imagine that the contract she signed is pretty strict about making appearances with Tom. There is no amount of money that could entice me to let the Scientologists control my kids, though. I would die first.

  10. gOssiP

    where are they here? just “taking a walk” for the hell of it. bring out the baby in a stroller, even britney is mother enough to do that.
    it may be better that katie doesn’t get attached now to the child b/c tom will only end up snatching her away.

    tia, true about christian bale, but doubtful for tom cruise, only b/c this man is such a publicity hog. i think “suri” exists as well, but who knows whose she is and where she came from???

  11. gOssiP

    HAHA i’m a dumba$$, didn’t see the additional pics to see they’re at a game…but still, stand by the fact they could bring the baby w/them. or katie didn’t have to go. pr stunt–end of story.

  12. blondEE

    get this girl a stylist! those sunglasses look worse on her than mk olsen and she has a scrunchie in her hair. poor thing.

    the last picture looks like tom told her to smile or you won’t see suri for another 24 hrs.

  13. Mariah

    Thanks Hekki…

    As a fellow mom, you know how your whole life changes when children enter the picture and your priorities should switch as well… I just can’t help feeling sad for the babes— bonding takes place their whole lives through, but there is just something so sweet and special about those first months, when all they want is you…

    I also agree with you… there is NO AMOUNT of $$$ in this world that would make me “sign over” my own or the lives of my children… makes you wonder, though doesn’t it, since you hardly ever see Nicole Kidman with her kids… KH should take that as a sign… the same will happen to her and Suri, for sure… their “love” can only last so long…

  14. Julie

    Where are all the SHOES she bought? Why haven’t I seen the shoes?!

  15. Kari

    You said it, Mariah! I can’t imagine that she would want to be without her newborn baby! It’s so strange that she’s out with Tom all the time, but they don’t bring the baby out. Newborns don’t have to be locked inside or anything. I heard that Scientology doesn’t allow the mother’s to be with the baby very much, and they aren’t allowed to console the baby or go to it when it is crying. Does anyone know if this is true? I heard that their religion tries to break the early bond between mother and baby. I would hardly compare Nicole and her kids, however. Nicole doens’t give a rat’s ass about those adopted kids she got to satisfy Tom’s desire to raise two good Scientologists. Nicole likes to live free as a bird. NK’s and TC’s former nanny of 10 10 years said that the never **ONCE ** saw Nicole. Tom was around all the time, but she NEVER once saw Nicole.

  16. anon

    Why isn’t the media absolutely all over the fact that Tom now appears to be the same height as Katie??? What’s up with that? All I can say is – must be some hefty lifts he’s got in his shoes.

  17. las

    They’re waiting for Baby Brangelina to be born. When that happens, Tom will rush out Suri to get back all the attention. Especially since Baby B. is likely to be gorgeous, while Suri’s only genetic likelihood is that she’ll have HUGE gums and a mouth stretching from ear to ear.

    But certainly the “there is no Suri” rumors are getting more plausible with every day that Tom parades his adoptive kids, his girlfriend, and everything else about his life… and yet Suri remains absent. Especially since not only have WE not seen her, but we have heard of no one who has seen her.

    And it doesn’t help Tom’s little charade that Katie, supposedly breastfeeding, is jaunting around the world. Is he aware that breastfeeding cannot take place over cell phones?

    tia, Bale keeps his kid private because he keeps his whole LIFE private. Tom parades everything he can about himself, his family, and everything else. He used Katie’s whole pregnancy for attention!

  18. megs

    what i still can’t get over is that story about how tom made katie’s parents stay away until he was back from his publicity tour. on top of that they weren’t even there for the birth of their daughter’s first child! his mother and sister were of course!
    my husband’s mother tried being in the delievery room, but after the you can do it, oh here comes another contraction comments i had had enough. there are just some moments that are meant to be shared with certain people.
    and in agreeance (sp?) with the other mothers. no mother in her right mind would leave her child that often. especially if nursing. i still don’t leave my son often, and he is 2!

  19. Finn

    I find it very surprising that neither Tom nor his people even considered how bad it looks for Katie to NOT be with the baby. Maybe it is a Scientology thing.
    L Ron Hubbard was a maniacal crack pot anyway.

  20. jl

    Ok, correct me if I am wrong, but I remember being told that newborns shouldn’t be taken out in public much at all during the first 6 weeks and shouldn’t be around children under 12 (unless it is a sibling) due to risk of illness. This is what a doctor told my best friend when my godson was born. I think it makes sense that they are not bringing Suri out in public yet. As far as Katie being out with Tom, that seems odd to me also especially if she is breastfeeding. It is one thing if they were only going places close to home, but last week they went to Washington. She must have a great pump or something…….

  21. Felicia Jones

    She’s probably NOT breastfeeding.

    Hubbard wrote that breastfeeding should be avoided (in contravention of common medical advice, which stresses its importance for the health of both the mother and the child.[15]) As an alternative, Hubbard offered a concoction which he called the “Barley Formula”, made from barley water, homogenized milk, and corn syrup or honey. Hubbard claims that “I picked it up in Roman days.” (Corn syrup is made from maize grain, which was unknown to Europeans before colonization of the New World.) [16] However, this formula is potentially unsafe; honey can cause infant botulism when given to infants under twelve months of age.[17][18]

    Hubbard was not a medical doctor, nor a pediatrician, nor a trained nutritionist. He received no college training in neo-natal or infant care. His claims regarding the care of babies and infants are disputed by the vast majority of doctors and other professionals. Patricia Devine, MD, a maternal-fetal medicine specialist who directs the Labor and Delivery Unit at Columbia University Medical Center, said “There’s absolutely no scientific evidence that taking [noise] away at the time of delivery will have any effect on outcome for the baby or mother.”[19]

  22. The Voice of Reason

    L. Ron Huibbard discouraged breastfeeding because it increases the bond of the mother and child without the father’s participation.
    You can look it up.

  23. Midas

    I agree with las. Tom is waiting for baby Brangelina to be born but this too will backfire. After Anikin Skywalker Luke Jolie-Pitt arrives the world will go Suri who?

  24. las

    Well, I and my three siblings were all toted around everywhere from Day 2 onward, and none of us got sick more than usual (colic, jaundice). I wasn’t even a very healthy baby. Preemies are different, though, but since Katie was pregnant for about a year and a half…

    Tom didn’t care about Suri’s well being when he had Katie fly across the world in her last trimester, so I don’t think he could care less if she got sick from a press conference.

    Besides, the magical invention called a camera would allow Tom to prostitute his baby without taking her outdoors. But I guess they haven’t made the skin covering look realistic yet…

  25. Small Fry

    Oy, can they just stop the charade already? Soccer games, movie premieres, more soccer games……..ugh. I understand her need and possible desire to get out of the house after having a child, but I’m in agreeance with others when I say there is no way in hell I’d leave the city, much less the state without my newborn child!!!! It’s all a bunch of lies I tell you!

  26. Yessuri

    Why is TC waiting so long to show off Suri? It must really be to override Brangelina’s new baby when it comes. We want to see the litte Red Rose/Princess.

  27. Alli

    I’m sorry, but look at her hips, stomach (what you can see) and thighs. This woman has not given birth to anything recently.

  28. jl

    Well, I think this confirms she did in fact give birth – unless it is possible to fake that tummy and those strech marks (I guess there are some great make-up/special effects people in Hollywood, but that seems too far fetched.)


  29. Sara

    1)The real problem here, of course, has nothing to do with baby Suri but why Katie decided that a scrunchie would be a good idea.
    2)A mom is allowed a breath of fresh air away from the baby for an hour. I promise the baby won’t be hurt, and comparing how you handled your newborns is different from how a megastar might handle her’s.
    3)A most reliable source told me that Tom and Katie have a financial agreement regarding the baby, pending marriage, and his homosexuality. Apparently, Katie is set for life now that the baby is born. Have you read about their prenup? I can’t wait to see what happens to this girl in 20 years.

  30. Jessie Williams

    Katie made some sort of arrangement with the devil himself (Cruise), and now she is paying for it.
    Given her strange actions during her pregnancy, like never touching her own stomach, makes me think that she’s been paid to be a surrogate for his baby (or at least a baby with his genes, such as from his brother’s sperm).
    In addition to acting as Tom’s surrogate, she’s been paid to be at his side in public, acting all lovely and adoring; smiling on the outside with dark sunglasses hiding her brainwashed, teary eyes.
    Now, I think that she is regretting the entire thing. I think that somewhere along the way, she really fell in love with Tom and her baby. She convinced herself that once the baby was born, they’d be one happy family.
    Only Tom is having none of that. All he wants from her is her paid servitude to be at his side in public and for him to be the one to bond with the baby, not her; cause, after all, in his mind Suri is his baby that he bought and paid for.
    Now, Katie is heartbroken at the deal that she made; and I believe that she is being threatened to follow through with the original arrangement, giving up all rights to her baby. That’s why she looks so miserable.
    I agree that Suri was probably born earlier, and a fake belly was used to time her official birth to coincide with the opening of MI3.

  31. Mariah

    I agree with all of you… I’m glad that I found this forum, I really enjoy reading all of your comments…

    las… I agree that you have a good line of thinking, that TC is waiting for the Bragelina baby to be born and then he will saturate the public with pics. of “beautiful blue-eyed” Suri… that is what he is all about- promotion, promotion, promotion. I don’t think that it really matters to him, who he exploits— Katie, Suri, Isabella, Connor, etc…

    Kari– Thanks for the support… being a mom, you know how it is… I had not heard that about NK… how sad… I’ve always thought that it was strange how she wasn’t ever with her children– adopted or natural– your children are your children… and if you are totally committed to them, there should be nothing in this world that could drag you away from them…

    JL— No, that necessarily is not true… it’s only if the new-born has a medical concern/reason why he/she should be kept indoors… for example, my oldest son was born 2.5 months premature— he was in the hospital nicu for over two months, before my husband and I could bring him home… at that time, his Dr. told us that we could obviously take him outdoors, let family & friends that wanted to hold him, cuddle him, etc… be sure to wash their hands, and that to be on the “safe” side, it was advised that we not take him out where huge crowds of people converge— for example- the mall… he advised that we do this for the 3- months that I would exclusively be home with him… other than my first time expierence, I am a true believer in “exposing” kids to all elements of life, germs and all… they say the earlier kids are exposed, the stronger the build-up of their immune systems… obviously nothing harmful, but I’m sure you all understand where I am coming from… :)

  32. Natasha

    enough about the baby.

    im more concerned about katie’s hair.

    i do believe i see a scrunchie.

  33. Wednesday

    God, you people are BRILLIANT!! I’ve never laughed out loud so much in my life :-) I was starting to wonder why we hadn’t seen little Surrey “with the fringe on top” Cruise AT ALL since her “birth.” I’m not a mother yet but in my wildest dreams I couldn’t imagine leaving my newborn for any amount of time to go frolicking with my alien-loving, couch jumping, Napoleon complex, lift-wearing, Svengali boyfriend.

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