Where’s Miley??


A lot of people have noticed the new direction Miley Cyrus’ new CD has taken. Trying to appeal to an older demographic (this visit to Millions of Milkshakes won’t be helping in that attempt), critics have noted more ballads as well as a more experienced style. But Disney, not one to be comfortable with taking risks (Lion King 1 ½ gave a whole new meaning to the idea of ‘sequel’), was clearly scared about what the public would think.

Would the public….respond??

Well this video clearly illustrates that there was nothing to worry about….a much older…very much previously untapped demographic has pronounced their verdict….all glorious three minutes and thirty two seconds of it.

Was it the state of the economy that prompted this MTV Video of the Year to be made? Filmed entirely on a flip video mino HD somebody needs to get these aspiring directors a better budget….

If the Paris Hilton-esque beach writhing, the Val Kilmer sick shades, the soulful hair toss at 1:44 doesn’t brighten your day….

…clearly you hate puppies.