Where Everybody Knows Your Name…Cause You Got Caught Banging in the Bathroom

May 1st, 2007 // 5 Comments

The new East Village bar, Angels & Kings, opened last night and one of the joint’s three co-owners, Fall Out Boy’s Pete Wentz, spoke to Page Six about his excitement that he owns a place where “all our loser friends can hang out.” Wentz expressed disdain for the exclusivity of clubs and said that he hoped that Angels & Kings would have a more laid-back atmosphere, sans the velvet rope.

“It’s different when you want to bring your friends to a place . . . and maybe we’re just not cool enough to get in. We really just want someplace where we can hang out and be ourselves.”

Yellow Fever clothing designer Jamison Ernest, is also part owner of the watering hole and stated that his vision for it was “a place that anyone can go and have sex in the bathroom and not get in trouble.” That’s funny. The more they describe this place, the more it sounds like my apartment.


By Lisa Timmons

  1. DJ

    a place where you can fuck in the bathroom? sounds like a classy joint. Can you give handjobs at the bar?

  2. Bitter in EV

    Our beloved, once amazing neighborhood is already a rotting corpse being gnawed on by zombie hookah bar loving, untucked button down blue shirt frat boys and the wasted Sex and the City loving future Jersey housewives who blow them in bathrooms before vomiting on themselves in cabs home. This latest installment of absolute heinosity is just another limp and insulting kick at the body.

    Not that I’m cranky about it or anything.

  3. MiKEM

    “sex in the bathroom”…?

    Sounds like a sleazy gay leather bar!

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