Where Is Your Bike Helmet, Hilary Duff? [PHOTOS]

August 31st, 2011 // 2 Comments

We’re all for leisurely (pregnant) bike rides, but with Hilary Duffs fragile state, we have to insist that she wears a helmet whilst bike riding.  Earlier in the day, Duff headed to yoga class in West Hollywood. Totes digging the sheer grey shirt.

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“Guess which little monkey is going to spin class with me?? The little chosen one! So fun to get to bring your pups!” the actress tweeter earlier today.  Duff also mentioned that she was packing for a trip to Brazil.  A little babymoon action for Mr & Mrs. Mike Comrie?

By Kelly Lynch

  1. Col

    Are you serious? Her “fragile state”aaaagh she is pg not an invalid.. She is >3 o4 months I would be a little concerned with biking if she was 9 months; @now even if anything happens okshe falls but it will be just a scrape + you can see she’s moving extremely slowly and carefully.

  2. Kristen

    Does becoming pregnant make your head softer? Or maybe they’ve started making helmets for stomachs? If she didn’t need a helmet before, why would pregnancy change that? Oy…

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