Where Did Christina Aguilera’s Pants Go?

Seriously, just because you’re a celebrity doesn’t mean you’re exempt from following the rules the rest of the world does. And in this case, Christina Aguilera, that rules is that wearing a pair of tights with a short shirt does not count as pants. The singer enjoyed a shopping trip to Fred Segal with a friend and didn’t seem to mind that she forgot her pants.

At least she remember to wear pants at the pumpkin patch with her son, Max. Think of how embarrassed little Max would have been. Christina’s outfits were always a little out there, but we thought she was passed her “Dirty” days. As MailOnline points, ever since Christina got a divorce from ex-husband Jordan Bratman, her outfits have gotten exceedingly weird, especially since is the second time this week she’s been spotted pantsless.

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I wonder if Christina picked up any sexy lingerie from Fred Segal? They’re quite popular in that department. Perhaps a little something-something for boyfriend Matt Rutler to enjoy? Those two are usually so attached at the hip, with Christina even thinking marriage soon, I’m surprised he wasn’t out with her.

What do you guys think of no pants Christina? Does she make it work? Does she make it seem like she forgot her pants in he dressing room? You can’t stop focusing on her tiny black underwear? Leave us your answers below.