When You Have A Show Full of Girls…

…there’s bound to be some cryin’.

The New York Daily News reports that Elisabeth Hasselbeck is so upset with the aggressively liberal Rosie O’Donnell that she is repeatedly upset to the point of tears.

“She is crying every day,” an insider tells Rush & Molly. “No one can control Rosie, and Elisabeth can’t contain her feelings. She gets so upset all the time.”

Of course, Rosie’s people (her spokeswoman, not lesbians as a group) deny any hard feelings and go so far as to say that the two are so close that they hang out on the weekends whilst their children play together. Once again, I’m forced to suggest a cagematch as the only way to solve this problem. In fact, I’d go so far as to suggest that maybe a lack of cagematches is what is plaguing daytime talk these days. Let’s kick it up a notch, shall we?

Written by Lisa Timmons