When Will Kate Moss Enter Rehab?

September 22nd, 2005 // 28 Comments

You know that rehab is the only thing that will save her career. That, and a weepy TV interview. There are reports that she has dumped Pete Doherty, but we’ve heard that one before. The poor dear has had a rough week, with the world finding out she’s a coke whore who enjoys lesbian three-ways. Plus, being dropped by H&M, Chanel and Burberry. Now she may have the police poking their noses into her cocaine snorting video. All of this has led to the sudden worldwide interest in Kate Moss. The blog husband has coined the term “Mosswatchers.”

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. tempy

    ohhhhhhhhhweeeee….they both look like they are cracked out!!!! you know that look where you stagger out of someone party at noon out into the bright light and you’re still toasted and you feel like everyone is looking at you and you’re constantly lookin behind you………

    Not that I’ve been there

  2. I dont know about you, but I am shocked that a supermodel would do such a thing.

  3. LuvChoo

    A fitting background…L is for Loser.

  4. mischa

    I feel really sad for Kate. I personally love her and hope that she makes it thought this humiliating experience. Nothing worse then being raped of your dignity in front of the entire world over a line of coke.

  5. Crystal

    How can you feel bad for her? She’s worth something to the tune of $60 million.

  6. Johnny Depp

    u know, leave her alone already. Fuck, who beneifits from this, thats the question, who is trying to ruin her career, yes , my Kate makes her own choices, but..people leaking this stuff out..whether to really help her, or just ruin her., its very sad, she my girl, always will be,..but I find it disgusting releasing things one after the other,..fuck already, she needs help, stop fuckin makin her feel like a freak,..fuck H/M, Chanel, and Shitty burberry for being hypocrites, they know all their models and photographer promote bulimia, anoerxia,.,they know they all do drugs to keep their weight down,..fuck them…theres a fuckin moron idiot out there who’s actually killed people and done plenty of coke,..but yet no one seems to care that he’s the president of the United States..

  7. Cheesy

    She’s an adult, and she can screw up her life as much as she wants.

    But I sure hope that some kind of social services agency gets in there and takes her daughter away from her. The woman is a disgrace as a parent.

  8. Obert

    That price of being famous..known and so forth. People have thier own life to worry about etc, but there’s others who are bored and have nothing to do or some free time. So what’s better than simply… talking bs about famous people LOL. Deal with it..they want fame, than they will need to deal with critics :-)

  9. doofus

    mischa…I’m curious.

    you say “I personally love her”…why do you “love” her? what has she done that would make you love her? all I know of her is that she’s a (sort of) bitchy model who is very demanding on shoots, she dates a junkie (yeah, that’s really a healthy guy to have around your two year old child), and she does a LOT of coke. If there’s more to her, please let us know. You say “there nothing worse than being raped of your dignity in front of the entire world for a line of coke”…it wasn’t “a line”, it was several, and she was cleary not a novice. and I’d say having your child taken away from you due to your drug use (or possibly having your child DIE or be harmed due to your drug use) is a little bit worse.

    I don’t know why anyone is surprised at her drug use. she never would have stayed with her junkie boyfriend this long if she wasn’t using drugs, too. If she were clean and sober, she would have dumped him (permanently) a LONG time ago. the only person who can put up with a drug abuser is another drug abuser.

  10. mischa

    Do you actually believe that social services would offer her daughter a better alternative? I’m sure Kate doesn’t sniff lines off her daughters bedside table while reading Harry Potter.

    She just need a little rehab and a new boyfriend. I don’t think she’s a bad parent.

  11. Ket

    to #4 Mischa:

    4 lines of coke……to exact….

  12. doofus

    no, she doesn’t snort coke off her daughter’s bedside table…just allows people to take video of her doing it in a recording studio. yeah, that’s SO much better. and who’s to say she hasn’t done it in front of her daughter? some junkies just don’t care who sees them.

    I don’t think she should have her daughter taken away, but she should definitely be “on probation” with custody, and be drug tested on a regular basis. if she’s caught using, her daughter SHOULD be taken away, if only temporarily. it happens to most regular people, why not her?

  13. PinkRose

    I never been a big fan of Kate Moss, but I do hope she cleans herself up not for sake of her modeling career but for her daughter. She could be the sweetest mother on Earth but it doesn’t change the fact she’s a junkie. If she doesn’t get help now, than she could lose more than her $$ and her modeling contracts. She could lose her daughter regardless of her fame.

    Okay..that my rant on that issue.

  14. veelee

    Hey doofus,
    Chill out. I’m sure her child is not going to DIE because Kate parties a little too much. In fact, I bet the child is in better hands than most with a full-time nanny and a rich-as-hell mother. She probably never sees her mother, which is sad, but usually expected in the world of celebrity.
    I happen to “love” Kate too, because she’s hot. She works it. Maybe she looks a bit haggard in a few pics, and yeah she got busted, but man, have you seen the Dior ads? You gotta give her credit for having staying power. She’s been around.
    People do coke sometimes. People who are rich probably do it more. People who are celebrities are probably doing it all the time but until they get busted, everyone just pretends that they are just fabulous and perfect. I’m sure even Miss “I’m a role model for America” Aniston’s had some fun every now and then….
    Who cares. I agree….Get her a new man and some rehab. and everything will be just peachy.

  15. mischa

    I think she needs to go through the neccesary procedure to get off the drugs… Rehab etc… There are a lot of people who have drug problems that aren’t JUNKIES. Stop referring to her as a JUNKIE.

    She’s a human with an adiction and needs some intervention. Have some respect for people and their problems!

    Stop living in DOOFUS land!

  16. Silasdog

    doofus is right, again.

  17. doofus

    It’s so funny how people say “calm down” or “chill out” on here. don’t worry, veelee, my blood pressure is just fine.

    veelee…I didn’t say that her daughter would DIE because of her drug use. just said that happening is a little bit worse than being exposed as a junkie. someone said “there’s nothing worse” that that, and I disagree. there are worse things that can happen due to one’s drug use. being exposed as a junkie is probably one of the best things that can happen because it usually prompts the user/abuser to get help.

    and I hardly thing it makes it OK that the girl’s mom is a junkie just because she’s with a nanny instead. That makes it all the more sad.

    why should I have any respect for her? she abuses drugs, she enables her junkie boyfriend, and who knows WHAT she’s done around her daughter?

    A junkie is someone who is addicted to drugs. She’s a junkie, and I’ll call her one. I can respect that people have drug problems, but not when they perpetuate it, deny it or (possibly) expose their two year old to it.

    and I agree, dump the other junkie, give her rehab (and keep her drug tested) and she probably will be fine.

  18. mimi

    when i party, I make sure I am alone or with a few close people inside a secure house. She has too much to lose by doing drugs out the open like that! You need to say to yourself sometimes” the entire world does not need to see this” she really was careless, and she has so much at stake, I can not help but to blame her for her stupidity.

  19. I’ve always hated her, she has always been so average. I hate being confronted with her washed-up bagged and tagged fleabag image everywhere I go.
    She is now and has always been the fashion industries arrogant joke on the consumer.

  20. Cheesy

    No, she probably doesn’t snort off her kid’s forehead or anything. But being a parent is more then just hiring good nannies and making sure she has a big house. It’s being a positive role model and being more concerned with that instead of making sure you can get enough blow up your nose.

  21. Nasty Kate

    Cheesy–I totally agree with you. Being a positive role model is completely important. Can you imagine bringing your “crack addicted” boyfriend around your 2 year old child? Nevermind what kind of language, and attitude the loser has…and partying hard must put a strain on her parenting skills.

    Having money and a nanny does not guarantee that child will grow up normal. Sorry, that’s just the truth.

  22. PinkRose

    To Mischa:
    Kate Moss is junkie. She may not be some poor girl on the streets, but she is in fact a junkie. It’s not being judgemental or “looking down” on her; it’s telling it like it is.

    She’s not some kid who just dabbling in coke and/or in other drugs and just has “a problem” with drugs. She’s a wealthy, grown woman with young daughter who does drugs, has orgies and who parties. She is also extremely selfish (as most addicts are) because she continues to do live this way without thinking of child. Sure she has nanny’s and the money to provide the child but is besides the point.

    I do hope she gets better though for sake of child. People can poke fun and makes jokes about this (I’m guilty of it myself) but it’s a sad situation, especially since she a icon in her own way. But I can’t say I will feel sorry for her she does end up in jail and/or loses her child and her career.

  23. What a Joke

    What a joke…some poster wrote “there are alot of people who are addicted to drugs that aren’t junkies….” What is a definition of a junkie then?
    That is the definiton of a junkie to me…and pretty much the whole of society.

  24. Hiss

    You can see every tendon in her legs. I remember a Vogue cover with her on the front, and next to it: “Perfection.” But I don’t know a single straight guy who finds her attractive. It’s like she won a fame contest and got shoved down our throats. Can we go back to the Cindy, Linda, and Helena days…please????!! I don’t care if they did coke or were overpaid assholes, at least they appeared healthy and were pleasant to look at!

  25. little lulu

    couldn’t have said it better myself Johhny Depp! She has lost all of these deals and jobs but when the Bush twins were photgraphed drunk no one impeached president Bush, but instead they re-elected him so he could spend billions of dollars bombing civilians and raising our gas prices

  26. Dean

    Drugs are cool stfu n00bs

  27. joana

    i like her.. drugs are evreywhere… and she have always being addict, since the 90´s.. as well with naomi… and… so what?? is that new??
    she is beautifull and she cant stop working because of that.. leave her aloneeeeeeee
    i want to see her work! she is a great profissional in her job!! thats what matters, not is personal life..

  28. Mackenzie

    It’s a shame that Kate was caught on film! I have worked in the fashion industry for years both in America and abroad as an editor. It is safe to say that there are many fashion personalitys dabbling in blow here and there and it isn’t really fair to single anyone out. Kate has always been at the center of controversy through out her entire career. This will “blow” over just as everything else has. Let’s remember that we don’t actually know Kate and it is not our place to pass judgements. Saying such harsh things as they should take her child away….give me a break!

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