When Viggo Mortenson Has a Naked Fight Scene, Everyone Wins

Sure, Viggo’s dressed all nice and fancy here at what looks like some kind of event at which he’s finally getting that family crest he ordered in the mail (I’m sure it’s something completely different, but I’m just kind of making it up as I go along here, per usual), but he has no problem walking around in just his birthday suit in his new movie, “Eastern Promises.” Director David Cronenberg chatted with the Montreal Mirror about the film, especially the homoerotic undertones between the two gangster characters in the film, Nikolai (Mortensen) and Kirill (Vincent Cassel). There’s a fight scene that takes place in a sauna that Cronenberg mentioned that I’m very curious to see–because I’m a total perv like that. Also, Cronenberg said that Viggo’s Russian accent won compliments from the Russian journalists who talked with the director about the film, much to his delight. Wow, a Russian-sounding, naked Viggo Mortensen fighting in a sauna with another naked dude. Now, that is a very specific fantasy that has to have at least one of you excited to see this movie for that reason alone.