When Sienna Miller Attacks, The Third Times A Charm

March 2nd, 2006 // 21 Comments

Sienna, sweetie, darling. You have to learn to chill. This is becoming a tired routine. We loathe your self-importance, and haven’t you learned anything from Princess Diana, Britney Spears or Lindsay Lohan? Speeding away from the paparazzi will always get you into trouble.

The actress was seen leaving Sketch via the back door at 1am with a female friend on February 17. As they were escorted by a minder through some building work, she was heard to say ‘I am going to talk to this photographer’. She then launched herself towards him and tried to grab his camera. After hitting him and screaming frantically at him, she jumped into a black cab, leaving behind her chauffeur driven Bentley.

More photos of Sienna Miller in attack mode, after the jump.

Sienna Miller attacks a photographer [Oh No They Didn't]

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. Small Fry

    She was clearly just not wanting to be photographed in that hideous outfit.

  2. tocutetoscoot

    Style icon my arse! She is one of the worst dressers around!

  3. mutterhals

    Whats up with the zombie walk? Like her spindly litte fingers could do any damage.

  4. doofus

    small fry…hahahahahahahaha!

    these celebs are so f-in ridiculous.

    MONDAY: “take my picture!”

    TUESDAY: “leave me alone! stop taking my picture!”

    WEDNESDAY: “take my picture!”

    THURSDAY: “leave me alone! stop taking my picture!”


  5. What is she supposed to be? wonderwoman in those shorts?

  6. whoever

    This girl is the biggest joke. She can’t act to save her life. She’s a poor man’s Kate Moss at best.

  7. me

    silly bitch, if she doesnt want the attention she should piss off and stop acting in shitty movies
    p.s. kate moss, sienna u r certainly not!!!!!!!

  8. Teeps

    Oh purlease,who would want to be Kate,she’s like 10years older and got a total Peter Pan complex,grow UP dammit! Kate Moss is totally jealous of Sienna,think she’s feels her to be a threat…younger and all.

    Anyway,you guys are pretty much all dumwits,i’m no sienna fan,but if you looked at the pic rather than read the diatribe you’d know she was getting really hassled.

  9. Small Fry

    Peeps, the point of this is, SHE ASKED FOR THE FAME!!! If she didn’t want camera’s following her everywhere then she should’ve closed her legs when Jude Law wanted a piece. That is the one and only reason this girl got attention in the first place.

  10. Small Fry

    Meant Teeps.

  11. tocutetoscoot

    Teeps is a star jocker!

  12. That main pic looks soooo scary!!

    She was hot in Alfie.

  13. Silasdog

    Doofus & SmallFry, right on target again. Listen, all of you. Q: Do ya know when bimbos like Sienna will REALLY be upset? A: When the paps are NOT trying to take her picture. Fame is a narcotic. Just let her “career” go south and you’ll hear her wailing and gnashing her teeth.

  14. Small Fry, you are SO RIGHT.

    It seemed like I woke up one morning and she was suddenly this fashion maven with Jude Law attached at the hip.

    Jigga wha?

  15. But what we did’nt realize is the photographer had food.

  16. audrey

    aaagh!! she is freakin’ hideous!
    and a terrible actress!!!
    the only reason she has a career is that she banged that man-whore jude law. GROSS, sienna, we don’t want pictures of you anyway.

  17. dolores craeg

    this is the most non-talented, worst dressed broad i have ever seen. the only thing beautiful about sienna was jude law. she must have been great in bed. why else would he have wasted two years on this dame.

  18. Silasdog

    Dolores, you’re right, she does her best work on her back (and in a few other positions too).

  19. Moksha

    Crank and coke makes people violent and crazy. Case in point. Who IS this skag?

  20. Draya

    Sienna, do us all a favor and crash in Paris tunnel with a drunk chauffer at the wheel.

  21. Not looking good in those clothes.

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