When Plastic Surgery Is Just Plain Wrong

August 10th, 2005 // 14 Comments

Do you remember “You Spin Me Round Like A Record?”

(Image via Awful Plastic Surgery)

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. Yolie

    I saw this guy on Vh1 last year and he looks even freakier on TV! Hmm…wonder what he uses those lips for…

  2. kraven moorhead


  3. cakeboy

    interesting little fact:
    this dragqueen is married
    to a woman…
    his lips remind
    me of the titanic.
    “the sow is mine!”

  4. left: a boy (god knows)
    right: a trans! LOOOL

  5. kate

    hahah I thought this was Courtney Love in a bad photo shoot

  6. bitchy rickie

    he looks like
    Amanda Lapore
    with a wig…
    Did he ever get aquitted for the accidental overdose of the 80′s drag supa star Marilyn?
    Boy George stopped hanging with him after that
    since thepolice/media tried to blame him instead…

  7. bitchy richie

    he looks like
    Amanda Lapore
    with a wig…

  8. Cynthia

    Oh geez! He’s wearing Paris Hilton’s blue contacts!

  9. ??

    are those lips or a floatation device??

  10. He manages to make Angelina Jolie jealous with those.

  11. nunya

    I thought it was Alexis Arquette trying to confuse/land Brad Pitt, so he got an Angelina surgery makeover!

  12. Simon

    I remember seeing some VH1 show featuring Pete Burns, I think that is his name. He was looking at an apartment I think, one to live in and one next door that would become his closet.

  13. I think anything in moderation is good! The problem happens when people go “extreme.”

  14. dd

    aMAZING new cREATURE!!!!
    vISION TAKES you TO PLACES that others JUST dONT underSTAND

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