Naomi Campbell Lost Her Mind & Her Hair Went With It!

Naomi Campbell was spotted doing a photoshoot and the pictures revealed a bit more than we thought – bitch is bald!

The supermodel’s wig wafted in the breeze and revealed a huge bald patch during her fashion shoot for designer Dennis Basso in New York. Karma is funny like that, ain’t it?

Hair loss associated with hair braiding, weaving and extensions is known as ‘traction alopecia,’ with Britney Spears, Paris Hilton, Victoria Beckham and Alexandra Burke all reported to have suffered similar symptoms as a result of their extensions.

Here’s what I love more, even if she is bald, she rocked out her wig and didn’t look like she could give two shits in her swimsuit/fur coat combo for the photos in NY’s Meatpacking district.