When Madonna’s Away, Guy Will Play


Tensions between Madonna and husband, Guy Ritchie, are high, with their latest point of contention being her current visit to Malawi. Reportedly, Madonna became enraged when Guy opted not to come with her on her visit to the orphanage from which they adopted their son, David. As a result, the couple were reported to have been having “screaming” matches over the phone last week. And now, it sounds like an encounter which took place when Guy decided to go out with his boys, might be the new topic over which the couple can fight.

An eyewitness tells British newspaper The Daily Record, “Guy went all out to let his hair down. He came with a group of blokes who were all up for having a big night. Guy seemed a bit solemn at first. He seemed determined to drown his sorrows as the drinks flowed. “Then he hit the dance floor and spotted a leggy brunette. They seemed to just click together. When they got talking they began dancing closely. They didn’t leave together but got very close on the dance floor.”

It’s always a leggy some-thing-or-other, isn’t it? Just once, I want to hear about the squat, short-legged mystery woman, who charmed the married man with her thick haunches. As long as they’re not referring to me, that is.