When Jennifer Aniston Isn’t Jennifer Aniston

October 21st, 2005 // 15 Comments

Mmm. How closely do People magazine’s editors check the content of what goes to print?

People magazine’s celeb-mag rivals were having a nice little gloat yesterday over an apparent case of mistaken identity in People’s cover package on the romance between Jennifer Aniston and Vince Vaughn. A photo of Vaughn with his arm around an Aniston look-almost-alike carries the caption: “ON THE SET. Filming ‘The Break Up’ in August, ‘they had great chemistry,’ says co-star Jon Favreau.” Turns out the the woman in the photo was Aniston’s movie double – and red-faced People types stopped their press run Wednesday to substitute a caption reflecting that fact.

Wouldn’t this story have been much more entertaining if it was Jennifer Aniston’s double that Vince Vaughn was actually dating. But alas, it is Jennifer Aniston who has won his heart. Their relationship has progressed to the point where Vince actually introduced Jennifer to his mother.

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By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. taterhead

    All I can say is good for Jennifer! I love Vince and I think he seems like a fun and warm guy. Brad Pitt is way over-rated as well as Angelina, so they can have each other!
    Get him Jen, (and get him once for me!)

  2. doofus

    is it just me, or does that “vince” in the picture also not look like the real Vince Vaughn?

  3. happy hour

    I bet he’s thinking…”good thing the real one doesn’t have these love handles.”

  4. Tracy

    VINCE is the man… I would take that shit over Brad anyday…I would probably take it twice

  5. Cynthia

    I agree!

  6. Silasdog

    Uh, folks, Vince is gonna learn the hard way with this selfish, self-centered, chain-smoking, cheap-skate, diva-brained, cry-baby, ego-maniac. Somebody should slap the taste from out her mouth.

  7. Lisa

    I worked as an extra in this scene and stood right behind Vince and that “lookalike” all day long! She actually isn’t Jen’s double…but she plays a role in the the movie whose character is supposed to look like Jen’s character. Jen’s actual double/stand-in was on set, too and didn’t look as much like Jen as this girl. There was also a Vince “lookalike” character, but that is the actual Vince in this photo. Not a great shot, though…but he looked fabulous in person!

  8. Tajue

    Silasdog: Amen.

  9. mimi

    I dont think Jen seems as bad as you guys do! Like you personally know her, you just read what people write, there is no footage or pictures or proof that she is so bad. There are people in the media that we see doing f*cked up things to other people a la Paris, but to personally attack someone that you have no idea what your even talking about is kind of ignorant.

  10. taterhead

    I agree Mimi! How about attacking those who really deserve it like Paris, Lindsey, Tara Reid, or Kimberly Stewart? These are some self centered, diva brained, cry babies not to mention Thet’re ugly and really don’t have anything going for them but being complete bitches. And what amazes me is no one would even know who Paris and Kimbery was if it weren’t for their daddys.

  11. lil_mocha

    Amen on that one taterhead. I’ve never read anything bad about Jen in the magazines. You guys are making it seem like Jen left Brad for another man. You sound like a bunch of crazy women bashers that find women on hotlines. Just because she’s not throwing her charitable deeds in people’s face like Angelina doesn’t make her a cheap-skate.

  12. ell

    Lil, Mimi, and Tater, You guys are so right! I was just going to mention angelina!

  13. Joh

    I am happy for Jennifer if she and Vince are developing a strong relationship! Good for her and good for him! But EVEN BETTER… GOOD for Brad and Angelina! Looks like everyone might come through this thing better off!

  14. x_bbe_x

    I LUV JEN!!!!!!

  15. teri

    Are you kidding me Jen is a hypocrite, I’ve read about people that have come across her and I’ve heard she’s not so nice didn’t she get one of her fans put in jail. At least linsay and paris and all them do what they do out in the open they dont try to hide behind some fake nice sitcom personality. Not to mention Jennifer Aniston is ugly that long chin and her manly head. Their is nothing beautiful about her people out there see her uglines.

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