Ryan Reynolds Says Sorry For The Stress

When he’s not baring his chiselled chest whilst saving the world from vampires/ demons/ mutants, dreamboat Ryan Reynolds, is bringing his mum Tamara to movie screenings.


Specifically to the Toronto Film Festival screening of his newest movie, Buried, where Reynolds spends the entirety of the film attempting to escape a coffin which has been buried six feet underground. No doubt it makes for an extremely claustrophobic and stressful viewing and hence he apologised to his mum for the stress and promised he would ‘make it up to her’ by bringing her to the premier of The Proposal 2.

You can’t help but love a guy who makes a public apology to his mum, while simultaneously promoting a possible movie sequel. Oh he’s a smooth operator alright, I always said so. Even back in the 90’s when he starred in possibly the silliest and longest named sitcom ever…Two Guys, A Girl and a Pizza Place.  He was awesome then and he’s awesome now …actually more so because he takes his top off in every scene movie he makes (rumour has it that chest baring is in his contract….okay I started that rumour).

But what about poor Scarlett Johansson? If Reynolds is bringing mother dearest to the next premier where does that leave the wife? I guess she’ll just have to enjoy him at home, strutting about their Louisiana Mansion looking HOT, as he certainly did leaving CBS’s The Early Show on 17 September 2010, also making time to sign autographs for fans before heading to breakfast at Sarabeth’s in Midtown, N.Y.

Scarlett is one lucky, lucky lady.