When Did He Have Time To Design Clothes?


Ugh. Celeb friend and fashion designer Anand Jon Alexander was charged with 13 more counts of sexual misconduct today in LA County Superior Court . This brings the grand total of charges against him to 46. 46! Hot damn. Did they pass out Mace to the females in the audience before his runway shows?

TMZ has learned that six new accusers have joined the case, bringing the total number of potential victims to 18 — all ranging between the ages of 14 and 27. Among the horrific new charges, Jon, 30, is accused of sexual penetration by a foreign object, assault with intent to commit a felony, forcible rape and forcible oral copulation.

Jon, who was featured on MTV and often hung out with stars like Paula Abdul, Paris Hilton and Michelle Rodriguez, arrived to court this morning wearing a black suit and yellow tie, his hair trimmed and combed to the side. Witnesses inside the courtroom say he “has his game face on.” Jon is currently out on $1.365 million bail, but we’re told that prosecutors will request that bail be raised to $2.3 million.

Alexander was initially jailed and charged back in May. His lawyer has claimed that his accusers are all disgruntled former models. Eighteen of them?

UPDATE: This pig’s screwed .

With his mother and sister crying and looking on, celeb designer Anand Jon was handcuffed and arrested just moments ago by Beverly Hills Police inside a Beverly Hills courtroom, on a warrant issued for him in Dallas, Texas last Thursday. Anand is accused of three counts of committing sexual assault with a minor in the state of Texas.