When Celebrities Age

September 30th, 2005 // 21 Comments

It’s not a pretty thing.

(Thanks to S.R. for the photos.)

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. alex

    Thats great…

  2. veelee

    Who’s the photoshop whiz? You’re giving me nightmares!!! That Gwen Stefani pic is priceless.

  3. Rusty

    Old lady Gwen…I’d still hit that shit…

  4. Ka

    That is ASTOUNDING!!!!!!! SO so so so so well done!!!! I am a HUGE FAN (as of this second) of the wiz who did this and WISH I knew who he/she was. FANTASTIC WORK!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. These pics are from the Worth 1000 group. They’re a buch of talented PhotoShoppers. Enjoy the link below!


  6. ell

    These Pics. are AWESOME!!!!!

  7. Mariana

    I think something resembling an alien might be more appropriate, what with all the “advances” in cosmetic surgery and the lack of restraint most celebrities show when “getting work done”.

    Catherine Zeta Jones still looks good though in her pic. Older, but still attractive for an older woman.

  8. Ali

    where are gwen’s boobs!

  9. fat mary kate

    ahahaahahah omggggg. pure FUCKING genius.

  10. Sandie

    I don’t think they will look as ugly as they assume in these pics.

  11. p0stergirl


  12. Punk in Drublic

    Ok, I don’t think that Catherine Zeta will look that bad because i heard that she’s obsessed with her looks. I also don’t think that Paris Hilton or Jessica Simpson will look that bad because you know that they will soo do botox, plastic surgery and so on. But, if Paris Hilton really did turn out looking like that it will bring great joy to my life.

  13. Cynthia

    The pic of Gwen is great! I bet the celebs who’ve been done like this would just die if they saw it–as obsessed with their looks as they are. Great Photoshop work!

  14. mnc

    Ali… that is the least of Gwens concerns becuase she never had boobies to begin with until she paid for them

  15. mnc

    Ali… Gwen never had boobies to until she paid for them

  16. Those pics are extremely well done!

  17. mary

    awesome.. that is what they SHOULD look like.. doubt it though.. ahh damn plastic surgery

  18. dirtygrrl

    Watch out, that catherine Zeta bitch will sue you!

  19. nunya

    Who do I want to see aged like that? hmmm….

  20. Jessica

    i hope none of them ever look like that. That would be sad. Why do people hate celebrities?

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