When A Bitch May Not Be Quite As Big Of A Bitch As Originally Thought

September 22nd, 2005 // 9 Comments

So Teri did pose with Felicity after all. We still think she’s a little bitch.

(Images via Junk Feud)

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. mlle amour

    she is a nice person and she looks very nice on that picture.
    Go on girl.

  2. Gossip Guru

    Teri Hatcher freaks me out. I dont know what it is about her, but I am repulsed by her.I think the only reason why she posed for that picture was to show that she was not a bitter bitch. Did not work!

  3. janine

    Her right eye is pretty jacked up. Is that it?

  4. CityKitty

    Gos, GG, I’m so glad you said that because she has always freaked me out a little too, particularly in her Lois and Clark days when she was splashed all over the internet gazing intensely into the camera. I think it’s because she’s so angular and pointy everywhere.

    That said, I think she seems pretty nice. Glad she’s enjoying her success. Many people think she’s attractive–I just don’t personally like looking at her.

  5. Teri looks like Janice Dickenson.

  6. Andrea

    I thought it was Janice too

  7. cj21

    Don’t be fooled. She’s an ACTRESS – she’s trained to smile instead of going postal. Look at that clenched smile – it’s a fake. And the first picture is really either her whispering death threats to Felicity or trying to crush Felicity’s head with her bare hands. She’s a nasty, mean bitch. Period.

  8. Teri is genuinely nice. So there. :p

  9. guest-m

    The look on Felicity’s face in the second photo seems like she is looking at someone as if to say “what the hell is this bitch doing posing for a photo with me???” she looks totally miffed by it… almost proof that Teri Hatcher away from the camera is a uber bitch!

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