When Will Kanye West Be A Married Man, And Who Is His New Celebrity Bestie?

Two little boys perform 'Gold Digger' by Kanye West.
Kanye West stepped out after appearing at the Met Gala looking well-rested and casual.

Prior to the event, rumors circulated that he and Kim Kardashian had obtained a marriage license.

Naturally, the question on all of his fans’ minds was: is he now a married man? The answer is…

No! Mr. West is currently merely engaged, though a wedding could be in the near future. A Vogue editor caught up with the happy couple of the red carpet, where Kardashian dished on what’s coming up in her life.

When asked if she was Kim or Mrs. West, the reality show star replied, “Still Kim, Mrs. West soon!” Soon being the keyword, of course.

In addition to being curious about the ceremony as a whole, the wedding dress has been speculated since the engagement was announced. Luckily, we know she has narrowed it down – and maybe even picked the dress. Her coy response was, “you’ll see, you’ll see.”

In the midst of enjoying all of the festivities, West managed to make a new friend in Lily Allen. Paying homage to the rapper, Allen titled her third album, “Sheezus”.

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