What’s Up with Brad Pitt’s Tattoo?

May 18th, 2007 // 47 Comments


A mysterious outline of a figure on tattooed Brad Pitt’s forearm had bloggers all a-speculating what it could be. Initially, it was suspected to be an outline of the character played by Angelina Jolie in “Tomb Raider,” but now it’s been pointed out on Celebitchy that the figure is in fact, iceman, Ötzi, Europe’s oldest natural human mummy, discovered in a glacier in Italy back in 1991. That’s like some CSI-type shit right there, which I would NOT have the patience to do myself, so I’m glad there are other, more ambitious (less lazy) bloggers out there doing it. However, as the blog does point out:

The tattoo does bear a resemblance to the swinging ponytail image of Angelina Jolie’s Tomb Raider character, and maybe that was deliberate.

I do think it’s great that Brangelina are such a politically-aware and active couple, when it comes to getting their humanitarianism on, but this tattoo thing just seems to matchy to me. Like the “cool kid” version of wearing matching air-brushed sweatshirts.

An even more thrilling partial view of the tattoo is after the jump.


By Lisa Timmons

  1. Mr. T

    Tattoo’s are stupid and Brad is showing us how bright he really is (NOT).

  2. Anon

    Brad’s tat is of the Iceman.

  3. Margaret

    Is he trying for the Billy Bob look? He’ll neer make it. BB is hot. Brad is NOT.

  4. MM

    Is there any way for him to take his tatoo and the children and run, run far away from that emotionally empty mother of theirs? RUN BRAD RUN FAR AWAY

  5. Bodhi

    tattoos are stupid? um, no, they are just not for some people. This is a pretty random one tho

  6. lookwhaticando

    Has something to do with an Ice man. Also goes by another name or two, but I cant remember

  7. jen

    It’s probably for O13…doesn’t his character have some pretty cool tats?

  8. Right below it says “Property of Angie”..

    Brad is such dork!

  9. T-Bone

    Oh, another post!

    Maybe it’s a tatoo of “ice-woman” — his current girlfriend ;)

  10. green cardigan

    Brad, for a man in his mid forties seems very impressionable. His life since meeting Angelina has done a 360 degree turn in every way.

    I may be wrong, but I never saw a tattoo on him before meeting his current lady love, which would tell me that it was something that didn’t interest him previously, but now he has a (stupid looking) Tomb Raider tat on his arm. He is a middle aged man. It’s a bit sad really;

    I’m waiting for one of them to start showing off the ‘Mad Z Pax Shy’ tattoo…..

  11. Syd

    Yawn…who cares? It might be one of those temporary ones for all we know but regardless…who cares?

  12. T-Bone

    I agree green cardigan, very impressionable. I believe it was angietothemax who pointed out that Brad almost always somehow morphs into his girlfriends and takes on their interests.

    I don’t see Angelina as the staying kind, however, so he best be careful about what he puts on his skin. We don’t want him to have to do a Johnny Depp quick change move. He’d have to change it from Angelina Forever to Angina Forever ;)

  13. what SYD

    If you don’t have anything to add, don’t comment

  14. green cardigan

    Or ‘Ange Forever’ to ‘Angst Forever’

  15. T-Bone

    “Angst” somehow seems appropriate ;)

  16. Angietothemax

    I think Angie learned her lesson with the Billy Bob tattoo. Um yeah I’m not feeling the tattoo either but I’m sure there is a very good story behind it. That’s what tattoos are all about. He sees Angie naked every night I wonder if he’s licked all of her tattoos.

  17. green cardigan

    Brad : ‘Hey Angie, like, wouldn’t it be reaaaaaaaaaaally cool if I, like, got a tattoo of Lara Croft on my arm?’

    Angie (to herself) ‘ God this man is a moron’

    Angie (to Brad) ‘Fabulous darling, a naked Lara Croft…’

  18. Yeah!!!

    First that god awful hat and now a tatt. What a schmuck!

    Green, i think Ange has the longitute (or lat) for the locations she bought Zahara and Maddox from, she’ll probably add Pax.

    Angietothemax, Hey NOW! =D

  19. jannre

    It actually looks like a chalk outline at a crime scene, could it be that Angelina has sucked all the life out of Brad, and he feels like a dead man?

  20. Angietothemax

    Who is Brad Pitt? Does anyone really know?

  21. T-Bone

    I personally think he’s just an airhead of a guy who attaches himself to the “IT” girl of the moment. He was with Juliette Lewis when she was the IT girl, Gwenyth when she was the IT girl, Jennifer A when she was the IT girl and so on and so forth…

  22. Well, he’s clearly not a strong man. He is very easily led. Unfortunatley, strong women grow bored with men like that rather quickly.

    (i still say he’s just a dork with a pretty face)

  23. T-Bone

    He’s a wuss. But I do think he wants a family, so that’s good. The only problem is that he started one with The Empty Shell, so I don’t know how long he’ll have his full family.

  24. green cardigan

    Yeah, I don’t think he is much more than a pretty face really and his image is hugely important to him. He’s always changing his hair colour, style etc. If my guy dyed his hair as often as him, i’d start wondering about him. I reckon he doesn’t really know himself.

    He isn’t much of an actor either, without the looks he’d be nothing special.

    But yeah, I like the photos of him with his children. They are sweet. Maybe he has found his identity as a Dad. And if so, that’s great.

  25. Green said “Maybe he has found his identity as a Dad”

    I never thought of it that way. Cuz i know my Dad was the greatest guy around (=D) maybe fatherhood will make Brad a better man.

  26. Angietothemax

    I think he found his identity in being a dad as well. I just think deep down he’s your everyday Joe Schmo. He would be satisfied being an architect and a dad. Eventually I think both he and Angie will move on from being actors and pursue other endeavors.

  27. green cardigan

    Angietothemax : I don’t think they’ll ever give up being actors because (a) nothing else would pay as well and they both look like they like the high flying lifestyle and
    (b) whatever they are like as people, they both are very aware of their image and like the limelight. I reckon you are dealing with 2 SERIOUS egos here.

  28. blownaway

    LOL When was JA the IT girl?

  29. Yeah!!!

    green cardigan, yeah an ego like the one JA has by buying that 5 million dollar ring. What a huge airhead move. Waste of money not to mention selfish.

  30. T-Bone

    Angietothemax, while I agree with you that Brad may have found his identity being a dad, I don’t agree that either he or Angelina Jolie will give up the spotlight. They both require A WHOLE lot of attention, and unless Brad becomes Pope and Angelina becomes Mother Theresa, they simply won’t get the attention they need by leaving the fame-business.

  31. superfluous

    I think he’s showing his love for his woman. If he wants to showcase his lady, go for it Brad.

  32. T-Bone

    Wait a minute, YEAH!!! I thought you were busy on the last post calling people names like TWAT and such. Did you lose your way???

  33. yikes123

    Why do you guys have to use offensive terms on these boards? Leave all that on Perezhilton.com

  34. Angietothemax

    No they won’t lose the spotlight. They’re going from LA to DC. Politics here they come.

  35. …and here come the loonies.


  36. what superfluous

    For the 15th time, this is a picture of the iceman, not the icequeen. see the link.

  37. green cardigan

    From LA to DC! Oh my God, what a thought! will Brad be the next Ronald Reagan ??

  38. green cardigan

    From LA to DC! Oh my God, what a thought! will Brad be the next Ronald Reagan ??

  39. T-Bone

    Green –

    Highly impressionable and eager to please cold-hearted women? Sounds a little more like Bill Clinton ;)

  40. green cardigan

    I can just see Angie morphing into Nancy Reagan eventually!

  41. T-Bone

    Not a good visual, Green ;)

  42. Angietothemax, i doubt it could get much worse there!

    Picture Pitt walking up to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, with a tattoo outline of a 5000 year old decayed mummy on his forearm. (probably still in that stupid hat!!)

    Green C, That is a visual i will never get out of my head!

  43. T-Bone


  44. rc

    I’m kinda curious how they figured out it was Otzi. Also, does Brad know there were widespread rumors at the time Otzi was found that he was gay? It was actually an April Fool’s joke from some magazine in Europe, but still, that kind of thing sticks around… unless of course, that’s his whole point, and he was a TOTAL idiot and got a political tattoo. hm.

  45. twokids

    I know this is not important but did anyone noticed that Angies and Jen’s initials are the same. JA and AJ.
    Maybe that means something. Deep inside Brad can’t let go of Jen and had to hold on to her someway.
    Now, Jen’s haters, start shooting me!

  46. twokids

    I know this is not important but did anyone noticed that Angies and Jen’s initials are the same. JA and AJ.
    Maybe that means something. Deep inside Brad can’t let go of Jen and had to hold on to her someway.
    Now, Jen’s haters, start shooting me!

  47. Jessica

    i cant believe brad has tattoos on his body. i mean his body was perfectly fine when he was with jen. and now angelina ” homewrecker” is turning brad into something he is not. he doing things that angie’s is doing and not what he is doing. i think he still loves jen and he hopes he could be with her again. now that jen is single maybe brad would leave angie and go back with jen and angie can go and be with john mayer cuz angie and john mayer seem great i think. i want jen and brad to be together again. i noe it would never happen but i dont want to noe that it could never happen between them. there is a possiblity it could. but yea, i miss jen and brad together they are like my favorite actress and actor. so yea i think brad is messed up and he is totally not himself.he needs jen back in his life. jen and brad still love and care for each other, even brad’s mom loves jen more then angie.

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