What’s Rachel Bilson Been Up To? [PHOTOS]

The girl has a been busy these last couple of days. The one thing that Rachel Bilson hasn’t been up to is working.

Yesterday, Rachel and her fiancé Hayden Christensen attended an early Christmas party on December 19, 2009 at Bilson mom’s house in North Hollywood, California on a bright sunny day. Rachel was carrying two gift-wrapped presents presumably for her mom and her half-sister Hatteeh.

Friday was all about eating and shopping for Rachel. She stopped at the Sorento Italian Market in Culver City for some lunch, and then headed back to Hollywood to do a little shopping at J. Crew.

It was chore day for Rachel on Thursday, December 17. She took her recycling bin to the curb of her home while remaining fashionable with some cuffed khakis and burgundy loafers. Not my favorite of Rachel’s outfits.

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