What’s Kevin Spacey Smokin’?

August 27th, 2008 // 9 Comments

A bet it’s one of those funny cigarettes. And who is he smoking with? Will up looking like he did after a night of cocktails? Godspeed Kevin Spacey.

Check out all the photos of Kevin Spacey in the gallery.

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. therealdana

    Ugh. Rough.

  2. Neurophillly

    O. M. G.
    I thought that first photo was James Gandolfini!

    I need more coffee.

  3. Estupendo

    Good for him, you go Kevin!

  4. Estupendo

    Good for him, you go Kevin!

  5. Estupendo

    Good for him, you go Kevin!

  6. marisa

    so he gets high and he hangs with young hot guys, what part of this is a surprise.

  7. SoSo

    The bearded guy has a twin brother resemblance to Ryan Gosling and I wouldn’t call the man with the hat “a young hot guy”. And if just sitting next to shirtless guys near the seaside makes you gay, then I must be gayer than gay, because I do that all the time with my male friends. Thank God I’m not a celebrity and I’m not hounded by paparazzi.

  8. Jerii

    Those are the guys who sold it to him. Couldn’t very well ditch them, now could he?

  9. Brutus

    The guy in the hat looks like his assistant (I saw him on the “Leo and Lisa” IWC websit)and the other maybe works for him too. He probably took an entourage with him.

    The bearded guy doesn’t seem to like seeing him light up. Great teeth, though.

    Being shirtless doesn’t mean they’re gay, for Pete’s sake. Maybe they’re just making the most of the good weather and trying to tan. Wish I was there!

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