What’s Inside Paris Hilton’s Cavernous Vagina? Drugs!

A new tell-all book from one of the cameramen from the Girls Gone Wild has made a delightful new allegation that one time he saw Paris Hilton shove a Camel cigarette box full of ecstasy and cocaine inside of her vagina.

She must not have had her ‘borrowed’ purse at the time. And it wouldn’t surprise me if her lady parts were cavernous and could fit as much as a Mary Poppin’s hand bag. 

The book is in litigation hell, filed in Los Angeles Superior Court on Tuesday in connection with the heated lawsuit between cameraman-turned-author Ryan Simkin and “GGW” founder Joe Francis.

Hilton — who was ordered last Friday to pay producers $160,000 for not properly promoting her 2006 movie, Pledge This — was arrested on Aug 28 in Las Vegas and charged with felony cocaine possession. She has claimed that the purse in which the drug was found was not hers.

…All I hear is Prince’s song “Pussy Control.” Yep, it’s gonna be one of those days.