What’s In Your Goodie Bag?

Every time you see a celebrity presenting an award on stage tonight at the Golden Globes, let the amount of $47,405 resonate. That’s what the goodie bags are worth. Here’s a sampling of what’s in them:

- Trip for 2 to Antarctica (plus cold weather gear) with Quark Expedition, $22,000
– Trip for 2 to Canada, for a diamond-cutting and polishing experience, $15,000
– Lumineers teeth whitening, $4,000
– One pair of diamond-encrusted blue jeans from Denim for Immortality, $1,200
– VAX USA vacuum, $300

That vacuum must make one heavy goodie bag. Ba-dum-bump. The gift bag is a cut above the one’s they were giving away at the People’s Choice Awards (although, those gift bags were far more practical).

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