What’s Happening on Famesters?

These are the latest Famesters polls:

- What will the next scandal involving Paris Hilton Be?
If you had to kill off one character from “Grey’s” who would it be?
Who will win Survivor

This is what people are blogging about:

- Who the F*ck is an Azis?!?!
I Love How Trashy You Are, Amy Winehouse.
Well played, Kelly Clarkson
Fort Lauderdale Teen Wins PETA Award For Tireless Efforts To Defend Animals (He’s cute to boot as well)

Here are the topics people are chatting about in the lounges:

- Caption Clay Aiken
Joe Mama Loves Joe Francis
“Drive” has been cancelled.
I Heart Tim Gunn

Also, if you’re a already Famesters member, you can enter this contest that we are running to win a copy of the second season DVD from “Sex and the City” and 500 Famester points! If you haven’t signed up for Famesters yet, here are some instructions as to how you go about doing so.