‘What’s Your Number’ Is Here! [VIDEO]

In the film What’s Your Number? Anna Faris plays Ally, a young woman who is horrified when she discovers that her “number” of men slept with is double that of the average woman’s. In order to keep it the same, Ally sets out to track down every guy she’s ever slept with in hopes that one of them is in fact the man of her dreams. And according to Faris, they were too hot to handle.

“I kept thinking, ‘these guys are way too hot for me!'” Faris told The Insider. “It was really fun. All those amazing guys are so talented and it was incredibly flattering that they took time out of their schedules to fly to Boston and shoot these roles. It’s a huge compliment and I love each and every one of them. They were all so game to play, which was fun.”

What’s Your Number is available for sale today! Click the photo above the watch the What’s My Number trailer.