What’s The Most Absurd Thing You’ve Done To Avoid The So-Moment?

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Zac Efron In His Undies
Zac Efron doing something on a hotel balcony.
We’ve all been there, guys and girls. We’re lying in bed with the person we’ve been hooking up with for a few weeks, when all of a sudden it hits … the “so moment.”

This totally awkward point in every dating relationship is when your hookup buddy no longer wants to be just a hook up. It’s the moment when he or she asks, “So… what are we?” And it usually ends up being awfully uncomfortable for both people involved. Zac Efron, Michael B. Jordan and Miles Teller all experience this during That Awkward Moment. Watch the trailer below!

Now we want to know: What’s the most absurd way YOU’VE avoided the “so moment”? Tell us, and you could win THE ULTIMATE DATE NIGHT WORTH $250! This isn’t just a date night for people with boyfriends and girlfriends. This can be a date with your bestie, a sibling, your mom or dad … even your pet! Puppy playdate anyone?

We couldn’t stop laughing at Logan Paul’s solution to the “so moment”. Check it out: