What’s Her Secret: 35 Pics Of Kate Middleton’s Mischievous Smirks [PHOTOS]

WKW Answers
What's the deal with fascinators?
The Duchess of Cambridge was way ahead of the game even before she scored a royal title, popping in and out of London’s poshest nightclubs while looking like she took just a sip of champers.  

How is it that a girl so sought-after was able to hold her own against a sea of photographers standing outside Boujis, Mahiki and Raffles?  Easy-she loved/respected her boyfriend and was smart enough to know that a few drunk photos does not a future consort make.

What’s more, she always threw a little smirk at the cameras without making eye contact with the lens.  This let them know that while she didn’t mind having her photo taken from time to time, she wasn’t going to give them the satisfaction of a scoring “money shot.”

Team Catherine!