Whatever You Do, Don’t Make Tom Cruise Look Short

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- Tom Cruise once flipped out at a pap for taking a photo of him looking short. (Celebitchy)

- Beyonce looks a little odd in this House of Deron Spring ’12 ad campaign. (Just Jared)

- Dancing baby gets jiggy with it. (The Daily What)

- Porn website users are outed. (The Stir)

- Young stars of another racist YouTube video drop out of school after death threats. (The Gloss)

- Octativa Spencer is treating herself to a boob-lift after the Oscars. (Crushable)

- NBC stretches the meaning of hunk. (B-Side Blog)    

- Seven unusual ways to drink alcohol. (College Candy)

- Woah. A passive-agressive obituary. (Tabloid Prodigy)

- Occupy Wall Street videographer’s wife gives birth in taxi, so of course he films it. (Gawker)

- A third grader brings a gun to school. You sadly know what happens next. (Jezebel)

- Were Ray J and Whitney Houston filming a reality show? (Daily Beast)

- After watching this video, you have no excuse not to dance. (Videogum)

- Blake Griffin’s best dunks of the year presents as gifs. (Buzzfeed)

- Michael Bay casts Anthony Mackie as a bodybuilder. He’s got some work to do. (Vulture)

- Stefon’s illustrated guide to New York’s hottest nightclubs. (Splitsider)

- Stella McCartney has an awkward moment with Tom Ford. (The Cut)

- The One Direction cuties debut big on the Hot 100! (The WOW Report)

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