What Will Michael Jackson Do Now?

June 14th, 2005 // 12 Comments

Well we know Matt Drudge and Geraldo are happy with the verdict. First off, there is not truth to the rumor that if convicted, Michael Jackson had requested to be sent to a juvenile detention center. Second, it makes me happy to know that Nancy Grace won’t be pleased about Michael’s acquittal. Third, let’s hope Michael won’t be sharing his bed with anymore children.

Fans outside the courtroom in central California hugged each other and set free white doves as the jury cleared the pop star on four counts of child molestation, one count of attempted molestation, four charges of giving alcohol to a minor and one charge of conspiracy to commit child abduction, false imprisonment and extortion.

Jackson hugged his lawyers after the verdicts exonerating him were read out. “Mr. Jackson, your bail is exonerated and you are released,” Santa Barbara County Superior Court Judge Rodney Melville said.

The “King of Pop” looked stunned and gaunt as he left the courthouse accompanied by members of his family. He briefly held up his hand and blew a kiss at waiting fans as he made a hasty exit into his motorcade without saying a word.

Hopefully, Michael’s back problems will now disappear.

Maybe he’ll be able to focus on his career. Island/Def Jam Records President Antonio “LA” Reid seems like he would love to give Michael a shot at a comeback.

“Sounds like he’s running. He doesn’t have to,” Reid told CNN during the trial. “You are Michael Jackson. Understand what that means. You’re a superstar, you’re a legend.”

If Jackson were under Reid’s guidance, the label president — known for crafting Mariah Carey’s recent comeback — would get him out in public, away from the isolation of Neverland.

“Move to New York City and start to feel some of the concrete,” said Reid. “Go to the restaurants, go out and hang, go to the club and listen to some music … so people are like, ‘Guess what, Michael is bordering on normal.’ “

I think getting out of Neverland would be the smartest thing for him to do. Burn it down if he has to. Ooh, accidentally burn it down, and pay off the Neverland debts with the insurance money.

Tom Sneddon was asked the question at a press conference following the verdict, to something of the effect “Did they have the wrong family?” Meaning, if the family wasn’t so shady, would he have had a better case. Sneddon, said that he can’t choose who is a victim blah blah. But that would be a big yes.

The defense had its own problems, but it was so successful at turning the tables and putting the accuser’s mother on trial that some of the jury probably ended up wanting to declare, “She’s guilty of all charges!

Michael Musto gave us reasons back in February why Michael would be proclaimed innocent.

The case against him had more holes than a botched nose job, the accuser’s mother would surely be painted as a bloodsucking zombie ripped from the anus of a dead dog, and the jury would either be heavily medicated blank slates or starstruck celebrity hounds with their tongues out. I knew they’d end up cottoning to Jacko’s side even if they did not exactly comprise an assemblage of his peers. (But what would a jury of peers consist of in this case? Twelve skin-lightened, nasally challenged pop stars in military jackets?)”

Will Elizabeth Taylor’s wish come true? “Thank God Michael is vindicated for all time. Now maybe people will leave him alone.”

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By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. Linda

    “Not Guilty” verdict does NOT mean “Innocent.”

  2. moss

    they shoulda tried his @$$ here in Kentucky. We would have made SURE he didn’t bother nobody else.

  3. ella

    He is taking his white ass to France where they don’t go after pedophiles

  4. anii

    Maybe if the kid, his brother, his sister AND his mother wouldn’t have been caught LYING on the witness stand, he would’ve been more credible. And maybe if certain jury member weren’t people who a) had visited Neverland Ranch, b) met Michael Jackson when children themselves or c) have family members who have also had child molestation charges brought against them, he would’ve been acquitted. How can you really be surprised? It was a bogus case from the beginning and there was never any chance of him being convicted. It’s quite sad.

  5. doofus

    One of the jurors called into the Howard Stern show this am, and her report was this…

    MOST of the jurors wanted to convict him…that is, they thought that he was guilty, but that the prosecution didn’t PROVE that he was guilty, so, by law, they had to find him not-guilty.

  6. moss2

    HAHAHAHAHA HEY Moss “We should have tried him here in kentucky”, man i can hear the banjo playing in the background! See Deliverance?

  7. Maria

    Yeah, Moss, put the banjo down just long enough to study enough English to say, ‘not bother ANYONE else.’

  8. kambra rochelle

    yeah the prosecution’s witnesses inherently maimed their own credibility (perjury much?).

    my question is this: the fans released white doves . . . if he’d been convicted, would they have sacrificed them to their one-gloved god? i really think they would have.

  9. moss

    Dear Maria, I have more education than you, better genes, and higher SAT/GRE scores than you, so please be quiet and let me have my little jokes, thanks very much.

    Moss2: I have not seen deliverance but I know of it. Pretty much “Michael Jackson” + “Kentucky” is a joke that writes itself. LOL.

  10. Maria

    How do you know you have more education, better genes and better SAT/GRE scores than I do? Test scores? I am not a kid. Apparently YOU are.

  11. moss&mariaaretards

    Hey Moss and Maria, you both sound like tards pissin at each other in this thread.

    just sayin

  12. moss

    I know, it’s pointless…

    I’m just saying.

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