What Will Megan Fox Do In 25 Years?

Elle Magazine is celebrating 25 years and they’ve rounded up some young women and ask what they’ll be doing in 25 years time. As for Megan Fox, I bet she at some point make a return to a Transformers movie. Other than that…she may lead a pretty quiet life.

But, she has apparently been cast as fallen angel in the upcoming drama Passion Play opposite Mickey Rourke and Bill Murray. Hmm. I smell a Jonah Hex.

She told the magazine that it’s weird when she talks about her marriage and people roll their eyes at her. Mostly because they feel she’s not old enough to be married. I feel as if I’d be rolling my eyes for a whole other slew of reasons, but that’s neither here nor there.

Check out her hubby Brian Austin Green and his son Kassius waiting for Fox outside of a nail salon yesterday in Beverly Hills!

What do you all think? Where do you see Ms. Fox in 25 years time?