What?! We Don’t Get To See Lindsay Lohan Being Arrested?

Most people can’t drive around with coke in their pocket while hitting things with their car, blow off probation requirements, skip court to party and get away with it. But I guess most of us didn’t have one good movie and a bunch of shitty ones so it’s a totally different story.

Lindsay Lohan, who was having a heated phone conversation in Cannes on Sunday (May 16), should be going to jail and have to trade sexual favors with Alexis Neiers for cigarettes, but celebrities don’t actually go to jail. Not only that, it looks like even the warrant for her arrest issued after she missed her court date because her passport was “stolen”, is basically some toilet paper with words on it.

E! News reports that Lindsay’s arrest has been revoked as long as she gets back to Los Angeles by Monday morning. Based on what? The fact that she never reported a passport stolen, that it’s obvious she could have gotten a temporary one if she really wanted to.

The icing on Lindsay’s bullshit cake? Her new court date of 8:30 am on Monday, after the lights go out for the parites in Cannes, is on Judge Marsha Revel’s day off. Lindsay will appear before a different Judge than the one that calls her on her crap.

Sigh, I’m not even totally hating on Lindsay (ok, fine I am), but if people keep reinforcing her behavior she’s just going to go off the deep end and break into a million little alcoholic pieces. No one is doing her any favors by doing her legal favors.