What The WHAT: Singer Mika’s Sister Impaled After Fall

October 11th, 2010 // Leave a Comment

For the faint of heart, do not continue reading. For the rest of you, get ready for this! Paloma Penniman, sister of pop star Mika, is in critical condition after falling from window and landing on steel fence railings.

Penniman apparently was sitting on the ledge of her third-story home when she lost her balance and fell. The Sun reports that just earlier in the evening she had been to dinner with her famous brother and that he called for help around 5 in the morning on Sunday. The singer is pictured above with his sister and their mother.

It’s believed that they had to cut the railings around her to transport her to the hospital. A rep for the family said that she is in a critical but stable state and that the family has asked for privacy.

It leads to so many questions: why was she sitting on her window ledge at 5 in the morning? Had drinking been involved? Was it really an accident? Etc.

By Justin Thompson

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