What the…?

Eccentricity is fair game at Paris fashion week. Viktor & Rolf clearly are having fun with their haute endeavors. This particular show was beyond unique, as models walked down the runway as an individual show, complete with lighting and backdrops. Each dress also had speakers blasting a different tune for every look.

Skirts with floral patterns was pinned to a metal frame to show off a tasseled hem that had been draped with lights. Giant collars were placed across the metal constructed cages. Pairs of bright yellow wooden clogs even made me further cringe as they walked down the runway.

The show had a “Zoolander” feel too it, obviously. I half-expected the Dutch duo to jump out at the end and say, “just kidding!” I always picture this is how Mariah Carey rolls. I bet my Jimmy Choos if you zoomed out on a photo of her or bumped into her on the street, she would be rigged up in the same apparatus. I know, crazy Cara…she would have her peons lugging around the lighting.