What Now, Katherine Heigl?

April 21st, 2010 // 9 Comments

I used to be a big Katherine Heigl fan, but her nonsensical outbursts as of late are exhausting me.  First there was b*tching and moaning about the writing on Grey‘s.  Fine.  Then she started wah-wahhhing about 17-hour days on-set.  My apologies, Katherine.  You have the schedule of a school teacher, and yet you’re paid roughly twenties times their annual salary. 

Deadline Hollywood reported today on Heigl’s latest antics.  She’s on the PR merry-go-round, so to speak.  Firing, hiring.  Being fired. The Killers actress was repped by an NY-based PR rep for six years, but recently decided to go with an LA-based rep, Melissa Kates.  A company merger occurred, and Kates went out on her own (Heigl followed).  Six weeks later, Kates fires Heigl, which is very uncharacteristic of a PR rep starting her own company.

“‘PR people rarely resign from accounts,’ one long-time publicist told
me, ‘especially when starting their own company, and the client in
question is a legitimate movie star

Then Heigl went with a PR rep who did massive damage control on her EW cover (turning it into a more of an explanation rather than a takedown).  Well wouldn’t you know it, Heigl fires this one.  Now she’s back with her NY-based rep.  Full circle.  I’m dizzy.

Fingers will not be pointed and assumptions will not be made…out loud.

Here cometh Madame Librarian, Heigl to sign autographers in New York City on April 15th.

By Kelly Lynch

  1. angryfan

    Letterman almost a year ago. It is a shame that your article is completely factually inaccurate as well. Her rep for the past few years was Melissa Kates and her New York rep was Jill Fritzo. Both worked for the SAME company. The company recently merged to form a bigger company called PMK-BNC – about the biggest PR firm in the world. Kates left to form her own company and Heigl went with her short term. She then tried a new large PR company ID before deciding to go back with her old company PMK-BNC and Jill again. Not sure how changing your publicist is a big deal. Oh unless you are Katherine and everything you do people seem to attack. Everyone else can change their publicists, managers whatever but if she does there has to be some underlying issue right? Wrong.

  2. Neilee

    Geezus IsabelEvans, is this what you do? Go from site to site defending Heigl? WHO CARES, get another hobby for cripes sake.

  3. Daniel

    People switch publicists for a multitude of reasons, and Heigl’s career is in transition right now. Besides, the original post at deadlinehollyood.com says (her first and now) current publicist “took her back with open arms.” So where is the controversy? I’m certainly not a “fan” myself (I avoid rom coms like the Plague), but it seems your personal dislike for this actress is impeding your objectivity, Ms. Lynch.

  4. tom reagan

    she’s not going to get a job looking like someones nan. well, maybe the library. that place is always full of grannies. but then again, it might be a volunteer position.

  5. jasmin

    Melissa Kates was Katherine’s rep for a few years but she got fed up of having to deal with Katherine’s non-stop bullshit so she decided to dump her. Melissa didn’t like repping Katherine when she was at PMK/HBH but she took Katherine on to her new company because she was just starting off. In the end, Katherine (and her manager Nancy Heigl) was just too much and Melissa decided she wasn’t worth the trouble and fired her.

    If people only knew what Katherine Heigl and Nancy Heigl were actually like….

  6. bobbi

    I am a librarian and I do not dress like that…leave us and the books out of this. To be a librarian you have to have a masters degree, she does not even have her undergrad. Get the facts..

  7. astride

    I could say the same to you Neilee. You go from site to site spewing your hatred for Katherine Heigl. Don’t you have an anti Katherine Heigl Website where you share your eternal unreasonable retarded dislike for her with your fellow ugly miserable members. It might shock you to know that there are actual people who likes her.

    And one thing more WE CARE because at least Katherine Heigl is changing for the better unlike you and your pathetic group who can’t over it.Its been ten years since Roswell is gone and its sad to see that a group of middle age grown woman are refusing to GROW UP. Because of your jealousy. Yeah you are Jealous of her just ask a Psychotherapist you have that symptoms maybe you and your friends should see one because your number one symptoms of never-ending ad hominem fallacy is getting old and redundant.

    Katherine Heigl is successful because she has guts to go after what she wants despite all the hatred thrown on her. And she is smart and intelligent. And I think this move will solidify her

    Sucks to be beautiful, smart popular and rich isn’t Neilee; IN YOUR FACE!!!!

  8. KATE

    She made her bed, let her lie in it.
    She is ungracious, untalented, lacks judgement, good manners, and common sense.
    No one who is a fan of Grey’s misses her.
    Her career, what there is of it, will slowly slip away. The movies will go unwatched.

    What Heigle fails to understand is that to be a Movie Star you must posses a personality that fans gravitate TOWARDS, not from which they run away, the intangible “IT”.

    She has never had “IT, and never will. What she did have was anonymity, a cute face, and a lucky break. If she had played it smart and quiet, she might have had a short mediocre career.

    However, her past actions and statements have ensured she will be the Suzanne Sommers, and David Caruso of the naughts. IF she is lucky and finds another TV series. Doubtful, as no one wants to work with her.

    WE don’t like you, Heigl. WE the Public, DON’T LIKE YOU. No publicist will change that.

  9. joleen

    Au contraire, Kate! YOU, the public, have made Heigl one of the highest paid movie (yes, MOVIE) actresses in Hollywood. Way to go! LMAO.

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