What Now, Katherine Heigl?

I used to be a big Katherine Heigl fan, but her nonsensical outbursts as of late are exhausting me.  First there was b*tching and moaning about the writing on Grey’s.  Fine.  Then she started wah-wahhhing about 17-hour days on-set.  My apologies, Katherine.  You have the schedule of a school teacher, and yet you’re paid roughly twenties times their annual salary. 

Deadline Hollywood reported today on Heigl’s latest antics.  She’s on the PR merry-go-round, so to speak.  Firing, hiring.  Being fired. The Killers actress was repped by an NY-based PR rep for six years, but recently decided to go with an LA-based rep, Melissa Kates.  A company merger occurred, and Kates went out on her own (Heigl followed).  Six weeks later, Kates fires Heigl, which is very uncharacteristic of a PR rep starting her own company.

“‘PR people rarely resign from accounts,’ one long-time publicist told
me, ‘especially when starting their own company, and the client in
question is a legitimate movie star

Then Heigl went with a PR rep who did massive damage control on her EW cover (turning it into a more of an explanation rather than a takedown).  Well wouldn’t you know it, Heigl fires this one.  Now she’s back with her NY-based rep.  Full circle.  I’m dizzy.

Fingers will not be pointed and assumptions will not be made…out loud.

Here cometh Madame Librarian, Heigl to sign autographers in New York City on April 15th.