What Not To Do When Encountering A Celebrity

March 9th, 2006 // 3 Comments

There are a few things to remember if you encounter a celebrity. First, if you’re not a fan, just take a photo and move on. Second, compliment them, they crave validation. Third, try not to be so nervous. Use the following encounter with Will Ferrell as a guide for what not to do.

He saw me coming and I stuck out my hand to shake his. Why? I have no clue why I stuck out my hand, in that split-second I felt like we knew each other. Nope. But he shook anyway.

“Oh, hey, you’re Will Ferrell,” I said to him very casually. How Suave.
“Yeah, that’s me.” He gave me a smile, a wink and a thumbs-up. Where was this headed? All I could think of was my friend Myriam saying “Don’t make this awkward.” But I did.

At this moment, it hit me: I don’t like WIll Ferrell’s work. What was I going to say? Why did I approach him? I remembered that on iTunes you can download “SNL: Best of Will Ferrell” – so I said:

“One of my best friends just downloaded your ‘Best of SNL moments’ from iTunes.” It was so lame. He could tell I made that up.
“Ironic how that just happened.” But then he smiled and winked again. I wanted to bury my head in shame. What was I doing? Where was this going?

I strayed away and started again…

“So… you’re really tall!” I said. Lame.
“Now that you mention it, you’re really tall too,” he replied.
“Huh,” I replied. It wasn’t a ‘Yes’ or ‘You bet’ or anything funny or enthusiastic… just “Huh.”

“So… don’t let me keep you from your workout,” I said.
“(Smile) See you around.” He turns and walks away.

Awkward Coversation With Will [mattbelitsky.com]

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. doofus

    well, at least Ferrell was nice about it.

    a LOT of celebs probably wouldn’t have even said hello, never mind participating in a “lame” (his words, not mine) coversation with a pseudo-fan.

    the other advice I’ve heard regarding “talking to celebs” is not only to compliment them, but refer to something SPECIFIC, like “oh, I thought you were hilarious in Old School” or something like that.

    the only “celebrity” I ever spoke to was Henry Rollins (pant, pant…so freakin’ HOT!) and it went about as well as this guy’s encounter with Ferrell.

  2. Janie


  3. Hey!

    Thanks for the post and link to my blog.

    I have more stories to explain- Paris Hilton, Lindsay Lohan even The Bachelor’s Jesse Whatever… all will be reported soon enough.

    Love the site- thanks again.


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