What Not To Do When Encountering A Celebrity

There are a few things to remember if you encounter a celebrity. First, if you’re not a fan, just take a photo and move on. Second, compliment them, they crave validation. Third, try not to be so nervous. Use the following encounter with Will Ferrell as a guide for what not to do.

He saw me coming and I stuck out my hand to shake his. Why? I have no clue why I stuck out my hand, in that split-second I felt like we knew each other. Nope. But he shook anyway.

“Oh, hey, you’re Will Ferrell,” I said to him very casually. How Suave.
“Yeah, that’s me.” He gave me a smile, a wink and a thumbs-up. Where was this headed? All I could think of was my friend Myriam saying “Don’t make this awkward.” But I did.

At this moment, it hit me: I don’t like WIll Ferrell’s work. What was I going to say? Why did I approach him? I remembered that on iTunes you can download “SNL: Best of Will Ferrell” – so I said:

“One of my best friends just downloaded your ‘Best of SNL moments’ from iTunes.” It was so lame. He could tell I made that up.
“Ironic how that just happened.” But then he smiled and winked again. I wanted to bury my head in shame. What was I doing? Where was this going?

I strayed away and started again…

“So… you’re really tall!” I said. Lame.
“Now that you mention it, you’re really tall too,” he replied.
“Huh,” I replied. It wasn’t a ‘Yes’ or ‘You bet’ or anything funny or enthusiastic… just “Huh.”

“So… don’t let me keep you from your workout,” I said.
“(Smile) See you around.” He turns and walks away.

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