What Kind Of Name Is Chord Overstreet?

If you watched last night’s season 2 premiere of Glee, you met Chord Overstreet. He played transfer student Sam Evans and was immediately mocked for his big mouth.

“I mean, I always got compliments or comments on my lips because I do have big lips. They definitely write about the actors’ actual features, which I think is funny. It’s something everybody’s thinking and when you actually hear it on the show, it’s like ‘I can’t believe they said that,'” Overstreet tells Zap2it.

The actor hails from Nashville, Tenn., and his unusual name is no accident, setting him on a musical path in life.

“My real name is Chord Overstreet,” he confirms. “I actually got my name because my dad is in the music business as a songwriter. I was the third one in my family born, and there are three notes in a chord, so that’s how they came up with my name.”

As new kid Sam, he gets “discovered” by Finn (Cory Monteith) much in the same way Finn was discovered — in the boys locker room, singing in the shower.

“It was interesting because I’ve sung in the shower a ton of times just not on camera,” he explains.

By the end of the episode, his character decides to stick it out with football instead of joining the glee club, but I have my hunch that won’t last long and Overstreet isn’t giving away any deets.

“You guys will just have to watch Season 2. I’m not really at liberty to reveal anything yet,” he says, adding that he doesn’t even know if he’ll have any dancing scenes.

Enough with all the chatter, we’ll let you get back to the pictures of Chord in the shower!