What Is It With Pop Stars and Space?

From E! Online News:

Russia’s Duma legislative body nixed the idea of sending Madonna into space in 2008, a notion brought forth by Liberal Democratic Party lawmaker Alexei Mitrofanov after the 48-year-old hitmaker supposedly said during her tour stop in Moscow this week that she would like to visit the International Space Station.

“It would be a serious event, considering the TV coverage and the fact that it will coincide with [presidential] elections in the United States and Russia,” Mitrofanov, who proposed that an official inquiry be sent to the Russian Federal Space Agency, told the information service RIA Novosti.

Space agency spokesman Igor Panarin explained that there were no seats available on the Soyuz spacecraft until 2009.

What the hell kind of country would even consider letting a random-ass pop star fly up into space? I’m starting to wonder if the way Russia is portrayed in Rocky & Bullwinkle is more true to life than they’re willing to admit.

Written by Lisa Timmons

Tags: Madonna