What I Expect From Dina Lohan’s Reality Show

June 28th, 2010 // 1 Comment

In an attempt to prove everyone wrong and that their lives aren’t crazy, Dina Lohan will star in a reality show alongside her children, and yes, Lindsay will appear but won’t be a regular. Too many court dates that they can’t allow cameras into?

This may be the most awful thing to ever happen to television. And I saw Saved By The Bell: The College Years. This will be worse than that.And by worse, I mean I will sit down for every episode and uncork a bottle of red wine and drink myself into oblivion as I watch this mahogany-colored, leathery woman try, just try, to dispel the rumors that she is an insane, ego-maniacal stage mother.

Here’s what I expect:

* Ali making more crappy music

* Dina yelling at a lot of people, either in public or over the phone

* Lindsay appearing and Dina pawing all over her, parading her off

* Dina hopefully getting tipsy on occasion and making jabs at Michael Lohan

* Rejection of the family by society as a whole, especially the entertainment industry

I can’t wait! Until then, check out Dina at some charity boxing event in Long Island in the gallery below! Yes, that’s how random this show will be as well!

By Justin Thompson

  1. t-man

    this is going to be a glorious train wreck. i won’t miss a moment.

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