What Hilary Duff Wants In A Man

March 10th, 2005 // 8 Comments

Manners, respect, a sense of humor. In your dreams sweetie.

Hilary Duff and soccer star Freddy Adu interviewed each other for ESPN magazine. When 15-year-old Adu asked 17-year-old Duff what she looks for in a guy, the teen queen said, “I’m from Texas, so respect is a big thing. Manners, respect, and someone who makes me laugh. I like men who can just make me smile and understand my job and how busy I am. I also like motivated people.” And when Adu admitted that he had been telling people that of all people out there, he’d like to meet Duff, she responded, “Oh, Freddy. I’m so flattered!” [popdirt]

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. Vanessa

    Has anyone else noticed that day by day, Hillary Duff is looking more & more like Jenna Jamison????

  2. She is so freaking fat. Her arms are like super-size bingo wings.

  3. Rob

    THANK GOD she’s not another anorexic little twit…how the f*ck can u call her fat, she’s 17 years old for christ sake.

  4. Wow hmmm what’s she even talking about “looking for in a guy” as if she’s had enough years of dating behind her to really get a feel for who she’s most compatible with. 17yr old stars who think they’re part of Sex In The City make me cringe.

    http://www.pammyland.com has some additional hilarious (HILL-arious get it?) info about this little sass (that’s where I found the link to this page)l

    I’ll say this – she’s not my fave but at least she’s not her sister.

  5. Is Hilary aware that she has no neck?

  6. EdgarD.

    I think that Hilary Duff is a cool girl and i also think that the gay ass motherfucker who said she was fat is a pussy who licks shit.


  7. May

    Lmao….I think she is fat too. God, she should really cut it back a little…or alot. I mean I can see her getting really big, really fast. And that isn’t healthy. I think that society is trying to introduce obesity into our world (since there is so much of it) so people will become more comfortable with it….even though it is a negative thing brought on by greed.

  8. Lindsay

    whatever. She is a very healthy weight. I hope she stays that way. And wtf may.

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