What Has Tiger Woods Done?

September 27th, 2005 // 17 Comments

His hair is like a Tiger. I get it. Tiger hair doesn’t work for anyone.

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. caro

    he’s the dennis rodman of….golf?

  2. jim

    any guy who bags a model, and makes $90mil a year clearly needs to answer to no one.

  3. Gossip Guru

    I thought tigers had stripes.

  4. Girly Girl


    Oh no my friend. Tiger must now answer to an entire world of people who are going to look at him like ‘WTF happened to you man? Brain tumor? Cancer?’

    I don’t give a rat’s ass about his anorexic wife and his 90 mil… If she loved him, she’d take 20 of that booty stash, throw Toger’s ass in the car, and drive immediately to Haircuts-Are-Us in the mall and have them finish the job.

  5. tempy


  6. JimIsRight

    My boy Jim is right. Tiger can do whatever he wants to do.

  7. Yvette Nelson

    Another ugly coon in the media. I hope those patches on his head are cancerous tumors!

  8. Simple_Tina

    To comment #7: He’s not all coon! He’s half Thai also!

  9. The man has to have some sort of excitement and adventure in his life. The Buick gig isn’t exactly the essence of risk and boldness.

  10. mnc

    well that is one talented coon with more money then you will ever even come close to in this lifetime

    you are gross… I wish you were under the wheels so his car

  11. mnc

    see how gross you are? got me all peeved and I can’t type

    …I wish you were under the wheels *of* his car

  12. Janet

    Isn’t it funny how people start tossing the racial epithets when they have totally exhausted their entire vocabulary in less than an hour?

  13. Janet

    Oh yeah, his hair is fucked up. But if Elin likes it, then whatevs….

  14. tempy

    Wow Yvette…that high school educated vocabulary you’ve got is quite impressive.

    Oh else you’re really attention starved and you’re using racial slurs to garner any attention in your insignificant life. When someone is a UNWORTHY as you must feel, negative attention is better than none.

  15. Gins

    Holy Crap he has morphed from tiger to CHEETAH

  16. Susan

    Amazing how jealousy brings out ignorance. Why on earth would one choose to lable anyone a “coon” based upon hair style or color as an attempt to attack? Are we feeling just a wee bit inferior?

  17. Sue

    I don’t expect this to strike a chord within your heart but 2 months ago I lost my husband of 15 years to a malignant brain tumor. He endured a living hell for 6 months, left our 2 children without a father and begged me to end his life because of the pain he experienced to the moment he died. You might think next time you choose to voice your opinion so hurtfully.

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