What Has Gillian Anderson Been Up To?

March 22nd, 2006 // 77 Comments

Gillian Anderson is looking somewhat spacey, yet still hot. According to IMDB, she’s been up to quite a bit as of late: No One Gets Off in This Town (2006) (pre-production), Straightheads (2006) (post-production) and The Last King of Scotland (2006). Welcome back.

More photos of Gillian Anderson in a John Stoddart shoot, after the jump.

(Images via Saving Face)

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. erin

    Scully, where art thou? And why have you given up food?

  2. YOURface

    WOW I would just head first in between those thighs! She finally got hot. All girls should starve themselves for me to appreciate them more.

  3. Kelsey

    I’m guessing that the aliens never left her alone after the X-files and their mind-control devices are responsible for her gaping mouth in every picture?

    I’m also so happy that she stopping eating. The skeletal look goes right along with the dead expression…

  4. Oh, that’s just sad. She used to be so pretty and curvy. What happened to that gorgeous red hair and smooth skin? Hollyweird strikes again.

  5. s

    she’s also in michael winterbottom’s new film version of the 18th-century novel _tristram shandy_. haven’t seen the film yet, but clips look damn funny. it seems like she’s pretty good in it too, and she plays off her former ‘agent scully’ shtick.

  6. blank

    I think she looks awful. Why would she want to look like another cookie-cutter skinny blond? Like there’s not enough of those in the world. Why can’t people dare to be different? I guess she’s going for a sexy, come-hither look on her face but she looks like she’s semi-comatose. Awful.

  7. Lisa

    I think she looks great!

  8. julie

    I watched her in Bleak House on Masterpiece Theatre on PBS. She looked good and nothing like Scully. It was a nice change.

  9. my2cents

    She has a very long face…I don’t think she looks too thin though.

  10. Am I the only one who thinks she looks like crap?

  11. doofus

    personally, I think she looks terrible.

    and I think it’s more than just the fact that she got so skinny…her face looks like it’s had more than weight-loss done to it to make it look like that. I think she may have had some subtle surgical changes made…

  12. jilly 4 ever

    Yay for G. Anderson!

    We wub you!

  13. #3 She caught Keira Knightly’s “Gaping-Maw-Syndrome.” Seriously, Keira is hot, but I started a drinking game for all of her movies. Whenever her mouth is gaping open take a shot.

  14. JAFO

    She looks old and hard, like an aging Palm Beach socialite… a far cry from her X-Files days when she was so fresh-faced and sexy.

  15. Marie

    Just wanted to inform you all that these pics are a couple of months old, and Gillian Anderson had to loose a little weight for her part in Bleak House, she has no gained it back and looks her normal, beautiful self!
    And, she is following the direction of the photographer in hand of the shoot, maybe that could explain her “dead” look and open mouth!

  16. Why isn’t she a redhead anymore? :(

  17. man4400

    She looks terrible.

    She has not aged very well.
    I remember that she smokes like a chimmey and I´ve heard she is constantly drunk. Poor GA. I feel very bad for her.

  18. nina

    This you call: “a fallen angel”

  19. togoodtobetrue

    She has a face like a horse. What the hell is that picture with the bra showing???????

  20. Katie

    Wow, being a fugitive from the law with your smokin’ hot partner/lover trying to avert a global alien invasion while trying to find your son and slipping in a little sex here and there must be exhausting, because Scully looks rough.

    Truthfully, though, I think that her entire appearance was role-related, because she looks much
    better now
    . Her hair’s darker and shorter and she seems to have gained some weight.

  21. Elsa

    Katie- thanks for the link I hope that is how she looks like. No woman should weigh 90 pounds!

  22. DJ

    I’m pretty sure she is a non-drinker (recovering, maybe?) and that she gave up cigarettes 2 or 3 years ago. I think she’s been looking really beautiful in the last few years, but not in these pictures. I blame the hair/makeup peops and the photographer.

  23. gillian_rules

    What’s up with you lot? she looks f**kin’ awesome. I’ve been wanking over these images all week. Absolutely brilliant, T Y G! More please!

  24. princiless

    It looks like Gillian SCULLY is trying to make a sensational comeback attempt. It looks she is desperate to attracts attention. Blaaaa.
    I´m not going to see Scully´s boobs when she is toooo old. She is almost 40 and loves ‘living the vida louca’so, she is not aging very well. It´s not flattering.
    I think that is so disrepectful. Scully ougth to show more respect for the x-files fandom, the show that makes her famous.
    I´ve heard she is going to participate in a film about IDI AMIN, can you believe that?

  25. Maria

    Sexy sexy sexy.

  26. MrT

    She still smokes and drinks, and she looks it. Scully, where art thou?

  27. Rachel

    Gillian Anderson and Scully are two very different people.

    And they both look fantastic to me.

  28. Jane

    She is a brilliant and underrated actress!!! She never did anything to please somebody and she doesn’t need to. Well, I agree on that point, that I miss her redhead – but that’s the only thing I agree with! I guess none of your lot did ever see Bleak House, if it was so you wouldn’t bitch about her look, but appreciate her talent!

  29. SinCity

    She looks awful in these pics. Sha is not ageing gracefully. She is sends out the wrong message to young girls.
    I hate her anorexic look. It´s such an unhealthy look
    I don´t think she is talented.She always seem to be a one-dimensional actress.She never really changes emotion.
    I´m sure she is too much of a Prima Dona to be able to have a succesful career after the end of the x-files and the proof of her despair is to expose her breast. Poor GA.
    I lost all my respect for her a long time ago.

  30. togoodtobetrue

    Ick!!!!! i just saw some pictures of her from and old film with her boobs showing. DAM! they are saggy even way back then. Maybe they should not use the fact that she is showing them again………After looking all i could say was “my eyes, my eyes”

  31. luna

    Gillian Anderson looks great, better than her Xfiles days. Thank you for posting it.

  32. Petra

    If I had her talent, I would not be too woried with age. But she looks beautiful anyway.

  33. togoodtobetrue

    I guess your idea of beauty and mine must be very different. No way is she beautiful. She looked much better when she did X-Files and even then i never found her to be a beauty. Attractive maybe. Now not even that.

  34. sofie2

    Poor ole “G” should sue, I never think it’s amusing when cross dressers pose as women. This guy that’s imitating g looks so masculine. Poor G.

  35. lala

    wow. people are mean. I think GA looks fine, not like she did on the X-Files but that comes with aging. People can’t be expected to look the same for the rest of their lives. Gosh.

  36. Kelly

    She is not aging gracefully! Oh yes but Sharon Stone and Nicole Kidman and Co, they are aging gracefully!! A lil Botox here some plastic surgery there – that’s what I call aging gracefully! Well, I’m not a Gillian Anderson fan either and I agree that she looked far better when she was doing the X-files. But no way she looks awful – I think she still is a good looking woman!

  37. sofie2

    Now who is picking on ole “g” that is clearly a man posing to dress up as a look alike.

  38. Nitzche

    Fmr Agent Scully To Go Topless On The Big Screen
    Los Angeles, California (BANG) – Former ‘X Files’ star Gillian Anderson is set to go topless on the big screen.

    The beautiful red-head will bare her breasts in new British revenge thriller, ‘Straightheads.’
    An insider said: “There are two sex scenes. one more graphic than the other. There’s quite a bit of sick violence thrown in as well.”

    The film – about a middle-class couple who go on a violent spree after being attacked in a country lane – is due out in the UK later this year.

    Meanwhile, Anderson admits she has struggled to secure new acting roles since leaving Hollywood for the UK.

    The actress admits she was left frustrated by her agent’s failure to secure any new roles for her at last month’s Golden Globe Awards.

    She said: “My agent was trying to tell everyone I had done ‘Bleak House’ for the BBC but no one cared.”

    “In Hollywood, you are only as good as the last thing you were in and it’s been a while since I’ve been in anything.”

    But Anderson admits she’s is keen to go back to her ‘X Files’ roots.

    She revealed: “David Duchovny and I and creator Chris Carter are determined to do another… Hopefully, by the time we actually do it, whenever that is, people will still give a damn.”
    All Content Provided by BANG SHOWBIZ

    I think is very sad to see how this woman who was so arrogant and rude in Hollywood finished her days: begging for roles and going topless in mediocre films.
    I´ve always heard that this actress was a mess, facile, dishonest,imature and extremely greed but having the confirmation now make me feel kind of sad.
    Of course she is keen to go back to Scully.

  39. linda


  40. Vicky

    ^^What makes you think she was rude, arrogant etc when she was in Hollywood? Did you know her personally? I don’t think she needs to be begging for roles, do you not think she might never have to work a day again if she didn’t want to? Do you know how much she was paid for X-Files? $750,000 per episode. Yeah sounds like she needs to beg!

  41. Vicky

    If you’re trying to say this isn’t amazing… http://gilliananderson.ws/albums/bawards/gillianbafta2_1.jpg
    Well, you’re wrong!

  42. bev

    There was no other competition in these awards. come on, who else was gonna win. BBC had a very slow year.

  43. bev

    You have not been keeping up with your ga current events news storys to ask about the rude crude behavior that’s been displayed by that woman.

  44. Mike

    Nicole Kidman and Sharon Stone are beautiful. Gillian Anderson is ok in looks. Not beautiful like those ladies. It has nothing to do with botox and everything to do with features.

  45. alice

    Why would someone call her underated? She was very lucky to get such a wonderful pt in a tv show and luckily that part did not require much in the way of talent only reaction. Underated from what, your implying she has talent, NO she does not what she had was LUCK.

  46. Maria

    Well, so bless her luck.. she keeps with luck almost four years after this show ended.

    Lovely pictures of Anderson

  47. alice

    I am lost when you suggest she has luck after the wonderful Mulder show ended. I agree with an earlier post the says how sad, this 40 yr old with a drinking problem isto now be reduced to cheesy movie parts that expose her 40 yr old breasts. Doesn’t sound lucky, just sad. Oh where Oh where is Mulder to rescue her

  48. Jane

    Sorry I’m laughing my ass off about the Mulder post!! Haha! And yeah arguing about her talent is so right, as she won an Emmy, a Golden Globe, SAG Award,……

    Well and about her look!? What is it of your business anyway! I’m glad that you all seem to be topmodels! Your beahaviour is just chilish and rude! And the comment about Gillian being arrogant, and acting like a Hollywood diva. Oh come on… I wonder where you get this information from!!! All I can do is LMAO about this

    BTW which prices did DD win again?? NONE!!

  49. ScullyFan

    Ech, I absolutely hate the ever popular starved to death look… I miss the pleasantly plump redhead from teh x-files. I’ll agree she’s not bad looking but still she looked better before, maybe if she put a little more weight back on…I disagree with the notion that she isn’t aging well, she still has much potential.

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