What Has Become Of The Backstreet Boys?

December 5th, 2005 // 13 Comments

You know things are bad, when one of them starts channelling Clay Aiken.

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. I don’t know who to feel more sorry for… the guy that will always be known as the ugly backstreet boy or the cracked out whore who didn’t get the memo that the 80′s are over.

  2. JustJunebug

    agreed. i was going to post that her pants need to be downsized. and i guess rehad really is for quitters…cause he obviously QUIT being clean and sober.

  3. andielicious

    being the die-hard backstreet boys fan i was in my pre-pubescent years, i know that this is an old picture. sorry to disappoint folks.

  4. Wow… if this is an old picture, this girl will always be known as the girl who let herself be gropped (while wearing ugly clothes) by the backstreet boy who went to rehab.

  5. SMroxs

    No, this isn’t the ugly Backstreet Boy. That’s not his role in the band! The other one, Howie, is the ugly one. This one, AJ, is the “crazy” one. Nick is the cute one, Brian is the good Christian one and the tall one whose name I can’t remember is the older hunk. Geez, get it right!

    (P.S. these titles are all subjective of course. “Cute” my ass Nick Carer!)

  6. LoLo

    Dam.. that pics OLD lol

    old hunk- Kevin

    yeah this pic is from like… 98/99… and its amazing how many heads of ive seen on the hoes body LMAO

  7. ibizagirl

    IS that picture like from 1987?

  8. Cheesy

    Oh, and that lovely lady’s parents must be SO proud!

  9. BangerSister13

    That’s psycho girl!

  10. twilight77

    It’s nice to see people can’t let go of this pic taken over 5 years ago. yes I realize I was a bad dresser then. yes I look terrible in that pic, I was drunk. What can I say.

  11. candace

    hello!!! you ppl! this is old a.j.! this is like him in 2001. a.j. doesn’t wear blonde hair anymore. ever since he got sober, he’s stopped dying his hair. and this is j sometime in late 01. stop overreacting!

  12. tam

    aj’s not ugly!!! i don’t know who that girl is and i don’t really care… but please, don’t say such bad things about the people you don’t know… j’s a nice guy!

  13. twilight77

    this pic was actually taken on 08/10/00 on my 23rd birthday…

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